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Indoor snowman

Wet, cold and weary.

Tea and hot fire waiting –

He melted my heart.


Marriage Encounter

After 27 years together in this house,  I know my husband’s preferred routines. While other people would say he’s a softy, easy-going  and  down-to-earth, some of his habits are near militant:

– the man likes his steel-cut oatmeal in the morning;

– knives AND forks need to be pointed down in the dishwasher;

– a whirring fan sound from childhood must continue through every single, solitary night;

– the TV remote belongs next to Papa bear’s chair;

– his collection of T-shirts do not go in the dryer;

– a certain pen must stay in the memo holder, even though there’s a huge basket of pens next to it;

– hubby needs ALL his beard grooming products next to the sink; 

– the coffee corner is ritualesque and has a feng shui, so it should not be disrupted; 

– he does not talk until after the first cup “o Joe;

– he turns on the two salt lamps before bed…

…He is also not a softy, only sometimes easy-going, and always earth-shattering.



Photo credit: Trisha Crowe