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Frosty did what?!

After an extremely long, cold, snowy winter…

– only briefly interrupted by a windy spring day of temperatures reaching 70 degrees …

– followed by a very wet 30 degree snowstorm of morning commute slush …

This evening our neighborhood men finally reached their winter weather breaking point! Their frustration is clearly visible along our property. The road looks like all the area snowmen threw up!


#PRallstars – Fantastic Four

My niece, Melissa, and I have never missed viewing three consecutive episodes of Project Runway All-Stars together.On this week before Easter, I bowed out again because my youngest daughter was home for the holiday. Time with her is fleeting as she gets older, so her presence overrides everything. She trumps my weekly budget, closet items and PRAS routine!

Tarah and I binge watched shows she missed during exams instead. At 9:15, I knew the four remaining designers and iconic judges would soon be on the updated round runway. I glanced down at my phone wondering if Melissa was in D.C. without me? She was at the Capital and shared her capital lettering:

The remaining designers were indeed the fantastic four. Melissa knows I loved Fabio in his original seasonand evidently she now appreciates his Sunday best. My niece was ready to text about the episode but I explained I wasn’t watching. She understood and stopped the relay of unfolding events. About an hour later, I acknowledged that yes, we needed to talk over the weekend and then I put my phone away for the night:

I hadn’t seen Melissa’s response until the next morning – after the episode aired. Feeling unresolved, anxious for the results and out-of-the loop, I responded accordingly:

I didn’t watch TV that morning but Good Friday was still a great day. My daughter and I went shopping, shared a delicious Italian late lunch and played cards into the night.

PRAS withdrawal kicked in as I went to bed, so I gave myself a challenge and knew I had to “make it work”. I woke before the sun and watched TV on demand. I also started texting notes for later discussion with Melissa:

I know my texting had woken Melissa up but she stayed awake to humor me and relive a great episode. My niece saw my final remarks later in the morning and responded:

We must join creative forces and watch together! Project Runway All Stars has been a fantastic season. In four more days, the last episode will be a finale marvel.

#PRallstars – Music to my ears

One of my secret pleasures is reality TV talent competitions. I love the creative process of designer, music and modeling rivalries. I stop to watch episodes if I find them while channel surfing but the one I seek out, and schedule into my life, is Project Runway (and Project Runway All-Stars)!

As mentioned in the last post my niece and I watch every season together. If not at one of our houses, via texting when we are in different locations. Below is a photo reflection of our ‘music genre’ episode critique:

We overlook one another’s typos, assess the judges remarks and include our own bitmoji fashions. The Project Runway All-Stars designer competition is reality TV and we are guilty as charged. I love the pleasure of my niece’s company.

#PRAllstars – photo critique

My niece and I adore the runway. Tonight was even more fabulous with @ninagarcia appearing as a judge. The episode was shore (resort challenge!) to be tailored and classy from head-to-toe.

When my niece and I cannot get together on Thursday nights, usually because of “almost the end of the work week fatigue”, we talk about the episode via text. This is real time commentary as the episode airs:

Despite being super fans, the drop-off is not unusual. One of us ends up apologizing on Friday and re-watching over the weekend. Last night was no exception. Melissa fell asleep but I still named the winner. Ken made a statement and won by a landslide.

D.C. is next and those are my initials. I wish I could capitalize on our Super fan-dome, put my mark on the competition and be a superfan mentor in an episode. Melissa could join me. We would be politely honest, the perfect juxtaposition between sweet and sassy, and very editorial.


Hidden Meaning #Friday Fictioners

Hikers come from all over New England to explore our western Massachusetts rocky mountain trails. On a clear day, the summit exposes a 360 degree view of four states. Most visitors are from area towns or southern New England, those not invested in driving all the way to the White Mountains or upper Vermont. Our beautiful vistas don’t sustain overnight guests; merely classic Yankee day trippers.

For we remote locals, the little rocky mountain is our greatest point of pride, the only source of consumerism and for innocent punks like me, the best place to play pranks.

The rangers have three rules: find the trailhead, stay on the trail and come down before sunset. In other words, hiking is easy but serious business.

My buddy and I also have three rules: be creative, be harmless and see how many people you can get to turn back. In other words, our antics are simple-minded but threaten the tourism that sustains us.

We post signs, hang Blair Witch symbols and once even created an animal feces scenario. Melvin and I watch from a turn or an overlook and wait for the hiker’s reactions. We camp out but not for the night; it’s a trippy way to spend the day.




[I started this entry for the Friday Fictioners photo challenge but once my idea developed, I just kept going. I since don’t want to strip it down to 100 words. I suppose I turned back!]

My exercise before getting out of bed was navigating this trail with you. Have a great day!