If you’re at a crossroads in life, consider taking the train.


Fort Nots

5,000 escaped, thousands more were captured and 191 killed.

Threatened by the departure of intellectuals, skilled laborers and professionals.

Controlled by barbed wire and concrete; 100 miles of electrified fence and an 850 mile barrier.

Workers in tears created

A structure of exodus

And separated societies

With Democracy as the border.

A leaping soldier the ironic symbol of freedom.

Thirty years before sides were reunited.

I remember the jubilant celebrations.

Unfortunately, history repeats itself.

And I see the oppression.

Humdrum life

The seasonal work continually takes you back and forth. I watch you come and go, only to toil away elsewhere. I listen carefully, anticipating your return, each time hoping you’ll stay a little longer. Before zipping away again, take care of the birds and the bees here. Stop fluttering about, stay home longer to savor the sweet nectar.

Patterned Response

She struggled between staying to die a little bit every day, and walking away to live unapologetically as herself, for the rest of her life. Conflicted no more, Caroline tossed clothes next to her polkadot suitcase and realized the colorful future she longed for was right in front of her. It was time to run, not walk.

She stared at her few favorite outfits. Random patterns of her life. The flowers made her dream of a picket fence with flowers along the walk to the front door, not an alley of God knows what on the way to the deadbolt. She needed to bolt and leave behind her dead end boyfriend, job and shithole apartment. Now was her time to transform the telling pile into a new life.

Caroline’s previous willingness to join a psychedelic haze and the sexual revolution had only created her empty shell. The community colllege night classes made her want a day job. Her bellbottoms would ring her in at the top. This was her time to join the social revolution. She didn’t need a man. She’d gotten this far. She threw the few clothes she had into her suitcase, grabbed her keys to freedom and sped away in a red VW on her way to a rainbow filled new life.

I am a writer whom journals about life, family, New England, everything and nothing and whispers of the Holy Spirit.

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