Inspiration Point

Atop a small park hilltop at the edge of the Maine and New Hampshire border where I hear the ocean meeting rock, birds in the trees and the glide of waves onto a tiny beach below.


No vacation from God

Writing into the night, it was almost midnight by the time I went to bed. I rose at five to walk the dog and feed the pets. With nobody to answer to, I climbed back onto my gel-topped mattress and covered myself with a plush down comforter. This soft heaven was a great way to begin my vacation.

My body could reawake when it was really ready to start the day. I did not set an alarm. The sun was shining and the birds were singing but the first day of summer could wait.

Or so I thought.

At 7:15, our dog, Otis, started to bark. He doesn’t bark very often. He was very insistent.

I was so comfortable though!

I turned over and snuggled into my bed cloud.

He barked louder to really get my attention.

I knew he was right. I’d had enough sleep. In humorous agreement as I flung off my covers, I found myself saying with a smile:

“Thank you God for talking to me through my dog! I am getting up now.”

Every day is a blessing. There is no reason for a snooze button. My heaven is now and I answer to Him every day. I can’t wait to see what else He has in store for me on this beautiful day.

Solid edges

Your first cries were soothed with my milk and heartbeat.

Hugs and kisses calmed most else.

Band-aids and bacitracin covered your childhood.

But now you’ve graduated to anguish…

and I cannot stop your tears –

even if I went to the ends of the earth.

The love you’ve lost wasn’t mine to give.

You can only heal yourself now.

I pray that time

and good memories

help you to live with the hurt.

spring had sprung

There was a break in the April weather that finally made the day seem like spring in New England, so I wore my colorful new blouse. I remember because my husband and I ran errands everywhere that beautiful morning. He drove and I jumped in and out at the post office, the bank and the local garden center.

As we got to the other side of town, I also pointed out CVS. We had their extra value cash and the store had a couple of good specials. I hustled in, said hello to the two male cashiers and scanned my card for more deals.

Quickly, I gathered my purchases, returned to the counter and asked to be checked out with three separate transactions. Guy 1 looked at Guy 2 like “another one of those Moms”. I figured they must get all kinds of requests and mine was no different. I stayed focused as Guy 2 rang up my first sale item, handed me the receipt and I tore off an additional $2 coupon. I used it to pay for my second transaction of tissues that netted to $0. With my third transaction, I used the $5 off coupon that got me into the store. I could’ve checked out with fewer transactions but I like to see that I can get something for nothing. I didn’t mind the extra moments at the register.

I was proud of myself for saving money. Or maybe I should say ‘full of myself’. I went back to the car, asked Richie to pop the trunk and he said, “You popped. Maybe you can button that blouse before we go buy the groceries?”

As it turns out, the boys also got something for nothing, this Mom was different and I had a couple specials of my own to advertise.

There was a break in the April fashion that made me feel like I sprung a leak, so I threw away my colorful new blouse.

Rorschach cloud

The sun set at 8:30 with a gorgeous periwinkle sky and fluffy pink clouds last Friday. The images were directly in front of my husband and I as we drove down the Interstate. I wish I took a photo but rather, this is the conversation I memorialized:

“The sky is so beautiful! The clouds even look like cotton candy figures.”

My husband’s response was spot on with what I saw, “The large cloud in front of us looks like a lady.”


He went on, “Her hair is blowing behind her.”

I loved that he saw what I saw, “Exactly! She’s bent at the knee, her right arm is behind her and she’s beautiful.”

His retort was as honest as his first two comments, “She has perky boobs too.”

I couldn’t disagree. We were driving right towards that bosom. Their full colorful glory was on the herizon.

Day of Mothers

I am still lucky enough to spend the day before Mother’s Day with my Mom. I brought her a flower centerpiece, a balloon and an offer to drive her to the local church thrift store.

Hours are every Saturday morning, rain or shine. The weather was overcast and the sky was ready to open up at any moment. The bargain basement is only a few miles away but there’s a long desolate road in the middle called “the strip”.

Halfway to the thrift, we see a man walking along the strip. I beep at him which scares my mother to death. I wave with a smile and my mother doesn’t comprehend such behavior.

“You know him!?”, she finally asks after getting back into her own skin.

“No. I guess I’m like Dad. It was a friendly impulse.”

My mother says more than she does on most trips. She lets out a long, exasperated, disagreeing sigh.

I respond accordingly, “Maybe we should go back and ask if he needs a ride?”

My sweet mother about chokes, shifts in her seat and I can feel her evil eye as I smirk into the windshield. Even though she’s 86, I still love to get her ire up. I am a good daughter but the instigator of the family.

I think I’m funny. My mother does not. At all. Although she was lucky enough to spend a day with me.

I am a writer whom journals about life, family, New England, everything and nothing and whispers of the Holy Spirit.

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