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Offered to Jesus is called



Mass Rehab

The Sunday sermon reminded me of three life lessons I have found to be important and true:

1) Challenges that are thrown our way are designed to see beyond ourselves. 

Difficult times help us to find strength and abilities we didn’t know we had.

2) Faith is meant to be lived.  

Actively believing and trusting produces patience and peace.

3) Love greatly.

We must be open to love and spread it like wild fire with everyone we meet. 

These important lessons make life easier. Push through the struggles, believe in a purpose and spread your gratitude. 

Life will be at its best.

 It’s true.

The Sound of Music

“When the Lord closes a door…” 

The motion is a slam, and the view is through pains of glass, but renewed spirit will breeze through the screen

“Somewhere he opens a window…”

Fabulous Friday Night

This fine evening started with the end of a week at the office!!! It continued in this grand way:

– I went in the grocery store on the way home to buy, yes toilet paper, and came out with a free individualized sample of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia!

– I treated myself on the way home and stopped to get a haircut.

– I got home to find my toy collection photos in the July FPCC newsletter.

– I went through the rest of the mail and had a handwritten letter from a dear old friend.

– My husband brought me to a local seafood locale for a clam strip dinner.

– I came home and my daughter asked me to brush her hair!

Now Otis is cuddling with me as I post my journal entry….great day!