My Book Shelf Reviews

From my WordPress community –

There is something valuable here…nice blog!

I admire your courage in talking out your fears to your readers. You make it appear easy and  I know it is not.

You write close to home. It’s powerful.

Your blog is sacred. A second home.

…interesting but brief. Always a quick fun read!

You are a wellspring of literary words from which  I enjoy drinking.

Something to look forward to every day.

I resonate with your passion and intent.

There’s a lot to be said for living in your moments.

Loved your site.


Your posts are both fun, different and moving. I enjoy the variety and great (toy) photos!

…and about the whimsy –

I very rarely laugh out loud…

I. AM. DYING!…This was hysterical.

Great title…LOL.

A quick wit and a great way of describing detail.

Posts that seemed to hit home:

I love this. It’s the most touching post in some time.

I couldn’t stop reading.

It’s both happy and sad.

Touching and honest. Thank you for sharing.

Encore.  want to read more…

It made me smile.

Excellent content. I can completely relate. Lovely.

It made me want a lemonade break.

I can picture you with a content smile on you face.

Nicely written  and relatable.

You seem to stumble upon adventure.

Letting go is hard.

The signs we see when our eyes are open to it…


You can’t leave me hanging…what happened?!

Your writing is very interesting with a clever use of words, I love seeing new posts.

…and about my editor –

What a handsome editor you have!


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I am a writer whom journals about life, family, New England, everything and nothing and whispers of the Holy Spirit.

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