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Global Warning

We all need to pay attention to what the world is saying; it seems the only one listening is Mandy Harvey.



Photo credit: Cristina Jimenez 


Mass Rehab

The Sunday sermon reminded me of three life lessons I have found to be important and true:

1) Challenges that are thrown our way are designed to see beyond ourselves. 

Difficult times help us to find strength and abilities we didn’t know we had.

2) Faith is meant to be lived.  

Actively believing and trusting produces patience and peace.

3) Love greatly.

We must be open to love and spread it like wild fire with everyone we meet. 

These important lessons make life easier. Push through the struggles, believe in a purpose and spread your gratitude. 

Life will be at its best.

 It’s true.

I am my blog

My life’s motto is the same as my blood type:

be positive.

My fashion statement is the same as my home decor:


My persona is the same as my perspective about the future:


 There are so many good things in every day life. Relax, put your feet up and read.

Welcome to my blog!

The Sound of Music

“When the Lord closes a door…” 

The motion is a slam, and the view is through pains of glass, but renewed spirit will breeze through the screen

“Somewhere he opens a window…”

Minds Eye

Sharing an event or special item was called “Show and Tell” when I was a young girl.

An editor told me last night, if you want a reader to share the experience, “Show, don’t  tell”.

Writing is not just the vista, it’s a passage about the passage. Bring all the senses to life and share every emotion, dream and desire of the character. 

Describe to your audience what it’s like to become a woman.

Good Times

After making breakfast and the bed, I prayed to God. I asked if the rest of my day could include continued focus and discipline. My “to do” list was long, as I look to find work and obtain additional training while I am unemployed. I don’t often pray for myself but I need wisdom about this process, the list of things to accomplish today and this week is long and my lack of discipline and focus in this life is something I have finally been able to admit.

There’s one routine I do have. After I make the bed each day, I read my two daily devotionals. Many days they say exactly what I need to hear. I believe they are whispers of the Holy Spirit. This is what I read after I knelt in prayer:

– “don’t fear the time of testing God takes you through. It doesn’t have to be miserable. Think of it as a refining that will reveal anything amiss in your life and show you where changes need to be made. The only way God can lead you to where you’ve never been, and can’t get to without him, is to call you to a new place in your life that requires more purity of heart, more faith, and more obedience than you’ve ever known.”

– “good things don’t just happen – God makes them happen.”

Writing is a discipline but now I must go focus on the rest of my day and my continued faith…