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My father’s selection within the beautiful letter, Philippians, is rich in insights into his theology and his love and concern for the gospel. Like Paul, he reveals his human sensitivity and tenderness, his enthusiasm for Christ as the key to life and death, and his deep feeling for those in Christ. With them he shares his hopes and convictions, his anxieties and fears, revealing the total confidence in Christ that constitutes faith.

The Bible introduction to this Book explains that the letter incorporates a hymn about the salvation that God has brought about through Christ, applied by Paul to the relations of Christians with one another. Philippians is termed “the letter of joy”. It is the rejoicing of faith, based on true understanding of Christ’s unique role in the salvation of all who profess his Lordship.

The rejoicing quote, 4:4-9, that my father selected for his own funeral, brings me peace as does my new understanding of Philippians. I have always said, “I have no grandeurs of travel but Greece might be nice some day.” Perhaps I will go to Northeastern Greece and visit Philippi. The start providing a greeting of grace and peace from God. The departure, 4:23, bidding, “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.” What a wonderful trip that would be, a European passage allowing us to see Dad’s love and concern for the Bible.