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Need some booty

I just decided footsy pajamas are appropriate for a woman of my age; I’m 50-onesie.


Fake Halloween

When you’re at a wooded intersection, halfway home from work, and feel like you’re being watched…and then realize it’s just a lurking Frankenstein dressed for dusk. 

When a four-year-old trick-or-treater is dressed like an airline pilot and, rather than take the candy, walks into your house wanting to see your washing machine…and you think maybe the blue suit costume was intended to be the Maytag repairman? 

When you get home before dark to light the Halloween walkway and then come into the empty house to a ringing telephone with a heavy breather on the other end…and it’s your daughter trying to freak you out on a haunting devilish night. 

When you buy six bags of candy at CVS and explain away to the unasking cashier that you get 80 kids at your house on October 31… and you haven’t had that many kids in over 10 years plus you really know the candy that’s not handed out won’t go to waste.

Is it fake, pretend, all for fun or just denial? In that order. 

‘Til next year!

Astronaut Chicken

I am a fan of  Stephen King and his descriptive storytelling.  This adjective noun combination was expertly placed within Duma Key and immediately provoked an image in my mind.  I thought Mr. King’s use of “astronaut chicken” was hysterical and highly effective. His writing ability guarantees an active reading experience and defines the power of word selection.  This language architect does not need an illustrator for his novels or blockbuster movie;  every scene is visibly acted out in the reader’s mind.