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Inspiration Point

Atop a small park hilltop at the edge of the Maine and New Hampshire border where I hear the ocean meeting rock, birds in the trees and the glide of waves onto a tiny beach below.



Richie was out with his Mom. The chick that gave me the chick. Now I was alone with the little blue light special.

Home by myself, the dog asleep and the radio off, I turned to the corner of the kitchen for solace.

“Alexa, tell me a story.”

She did. She told me a short, sweet story.

It made me smile.

I tried for another.

The theme was cute but the ending predictable.

I was continuing to be a critic of hers but enjoyed being read to on a rainy day.

I’ve since learned the stories of: “Measure twice”, “The Hunt” and “Camp Blues”.

When Richie came home I told him about “The old man in the cottage” and “Making a snowball”.

Now Alexa had me narrating the accounts to Richie. He had left us alone together but we actually got along for once. Later tonight, I can even tell Richie “How to play pickle ball” – although I think I’ll edit it to my liking.

Everyone has a story. Alexa has a bookshelf. I gave her a hard wrap when we first met but maybe she, and Richie and I, are the fairytale.


The calendar has turned like a tumbleweed, approaching with the help of nature and time. We all saw it coming but weren’t concerned until it was right in front of us. One more breeze flipped us into December. We’ve arrived at that wonderful time of year that brings friends, family, charity, shopping, food, spiritual celebrations and … radio Christmas carols playing 24×7.

Here in New England we are grateful the snow has held off and that our heaviest coats are still in the back of the closet. We are happy to be out-and-about in our 45 degree weather in a sweatshirt. We are greeted by a ringing bell, so we can put our loose change in the hanging red metal pot. We meet family at holiday craft fairs, turkey suppahs and the mall. If we are “Lucky” enough, we go see our men in green at the Gaahden. We finish getting the leaves off the lawn, bring in the wood and start making our lists. What we are not doing is firing up the snow blower, chiseling ice from our windshields or leaving home an hour earlier to get to work on time. 

While there’s no snow, Christ’s birth is upon us, so I don’t mind that Christmas carols started playing the day after Thanksgiving. What does burn my ass is that the local radio stations include all the songs about snow. Don’t put a “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” melody in my head if I’m hoping it holds off for another few weeks. It’s lovely weather but not for a sleigh ride together. Frosty would be exactly not that. In fact, he would not be jolly or a happy old soul either. He would be dead. These almost Indian summers would kill his round ass. 

The rest of the country is either embracing the next few weeks with the grace of God upon them or freaking out about shopping but it is not “beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. 

The local DJ’s need to know we want the carols without reference to the snow. We know it’s December but ease us into the month and our hibernation. Here in New England we enjoy your happy tunes but please don’t add the snowflakes. We are out with the shoppers, church goers and neighbors. It’s only when the snow falls that we want to be “home for the holidays”.

Roasting chestnuts on that open fire.

Tumbling into the future.

Enjoying every song on the radio.

One for the road

I’m in a place I said I’d never be when I started this blog…trying to get back to blogging more than once a month?! It’s not a loss for material, ideas or stupid-ass things in my life that I seem to want to share with the whole world. I find story outlines on the back of old grocery lists, quotes in my pocket and highlights of funny memories scrawled on pieces of paper in my purse. If I was single or an entrepreneur, I’d be that person whose relationship or product idea started on a bar napkin. Now’s the time to start resuscitating a few of them. I tried to breathe some life into this five-month-old thought that I had in my draft folder:

Day 14

Today’s commute starts with two observations:

⁃ My lunch needs to conserve space as much as the rest of my backpack items. I make a mental note to switch out the bread, soup and juice for tortilla wraps, a banana and tea bags.

⁃ My car window on the way to the train station has to be down on a hot summer day. I’ve not experienced a cool breeze and the wind in my hair since taking public transportation.

I board the train and pick up my book that’s burning a hole in my backpack. There’s no breeze in my side window but my eyes are focused on the written word, not the road.

(Drafted June 2016 – Published December 2016)

Follow the road

I readied for bed thinking about my night and wondered, “Why me?”

My readers know those are the moments I look at my calendar.

It read:

“If the question, “Am I special?” has ever crossed your mind, you can be certain that God answered it with a resounding “Yes!”

My daily inspirational calendar reinforces that God is with me on my life journey.  He is not only in my every moment, he has uniquely designed them all for me.

He’s done the same for each of us. You just have to see him on the road next to you.

I do.

Have a great day!

Fabulous Friday Night

This fine evening started with the end of a week at the office!!! It continued in this grand way:

– I went in the grocery store on the way home to buy, yes toilet paper, and came out with a free individualized sample of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia!

– I treated myself on the way home and stopped to get a haircut.

– I got home to find my toy collection photos in the July FPCC newsletter.

– I went through the rest of the mail and had a handwritten letter from a dear old friend.

– My husband brought me to a local seafood locale for a clam strip dinner.

– I came home and my daughter asked me to brush her hair!

Now Otis is cuddling with me as I post my journal entry….great day!