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Mon ami en vacances a Paris me connaissant pas un mot de francais.

A son retour, il a proclame avec enthousiasme:

“I learned how to ask where the bathrooms are!”

“Ah. Bon. Ou est la salle de bains?”

No. No! “Ou se trouvent les toilettes?”

D’accord. Je ne pouvais pas discuter avec ca!

Thanks Yanks

Here in New England, when the gardens start to overflow, is one of my favorite times of the year. Relatives share their food before it spoils, neighbors leave treats at the door and country roads have home grown garden centers. Beautiful green zucchini for bread, yellow squash for stir fry and beautiful red tomatoes for spaghetti sauce. It doesn’t matter how much they weigh, frugal yanks all across the county are charging ‘two for a dollah’. Our money goes far during the ‘Honor System’ self check-out season. I can’t wait to taste the wonderful meals these beautiful, affordable, local, fresh vegetables will make…

I just need a little help from a friend. “Hon! Richie!? Look what I found doing errands today…!” This time of year my love grows by leaps and bounds.

Rorschach cloud

The sun set at 8:30 with a gorgeous periwinkle sky and fluffy pink clouds last Friday. The images were directly in front of my husband and I as we drove down the Interstate. I wish I took a photo but rather, this is the conversation I memorialized:

“The sky is so beautiful! The clouds even look like cotton candy figures.”

My husband’s response was spot on with what I saw, “The large cloud in front of us looks like a lady.”


He went on, “Her hair is blowing behind her.”

I loved that he saw what I saw, “Exactly! She’s bent at the knee, her right arm is behind her and she’s beautiful.”

His retort was as honest as his first two comments, “She has perky boobs too.”

I couldn’t disagree. We were driving right towards that bosom. Their full colorful glory was on the herizon.