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Along for the ride

The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born in the spirit.

– John 3:8

I do hear You and even though I don’t know which direction we are headed, I am dedicated to this journey. Amen.


The Sound of Music

“When the Lord closes a door…” 

The motion is a slam, and the view is through pains of glass, but renewed spirit will breeze through the screen

“Somewhere he opens a window…”


It’s the middle of the night in New England but I am at the Daytona 500. My menopausal self awakens and discovers my body in our overheated bed. It’s no longer warm from our laps around the track. Instead I am flush red, and there’s a pit crew in my head, taking the blankets on and off as fast as they can. The flurry of activity finally helps me cool down and get back on track to sleep. 

I am dreaming of the finish line although there are hundreds of laps ahead.  I want this race to end, so I can earn the trophy back. 

It’s about the journey

I started the day by reaching for my devotional and wondered, how long will it take my current situation to be resolved?

“Your reaction during a period of testing will be revealing. Will you love Him above all else? Will you believe He is who says He is and trust Him to provide for your needs? Will you do what He tells you to do?

If you are fearful and bitter during the process, you delay the blessings God is waiting to rain on you. That’s what the Israelites did, and they wandered around for 40 years on a journey that should have taken just a few weeks. You don’t want to do that.

I don’t. Today my “to do”list will also include patience…and strength.

Riddle Me This

The man cleaning your septic tank.

The tinfoiled woman under the hot dryer.

The toddler falling down for the 100th time.

The man being screened by his proctologist.

The 10-inch dilated woman.

The first-grader climbing into a yellow bus for the 1st time.

The man at his own funeral.

The woman at her in-laws.

The introverted tween giving a classroom speech.

The man getting fired from the job he hates.

The woman insomniac blogger.

The high-schooler in the principal’s office.

The male politician debating politics and religion.

The single Mom working two jobs for her kids.

The wayward youth being matched with a mentor.

….when you’re in a bad place but for a really good reason.