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The time between knowing you should go to bed and your very best work.


Wonder Land

He suddenly falls into a hole of darkness.

Like Alice through the looking glass, he tumbles into confusion.

Everything small is now big.

Nothing makes sense.

But the blue caterpillar must listen to his identity crisis.

There is no logic to it.

It’s madness without the tea.

It’s a procession of cards.

He must call them out before they swarm –

to stop the imaginative happenings.

I want to wake him from his dream.

I need him sitting beneath the tree with me.


Jeepers Peepers, where’d you get those ears?

My birthday present was like nothing I’d ever seen…although I am a fan and collector of vintage Fisher Price:


My brother-in-law made me some custom miniaturized peep earrings. His sense of humor, adding a couple of gray hairs on the side, was not lost on me…or mother bear:


The little girl was added fun too:


Not to outdo himself, my broth-in-law also created a set of dogs:


They are the favorites with my fellow collectors.

Clearly, I’m the family favorite – to be so gifted.