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Dating trap – 10 word story

Hunted, sauced and porked only to be stewing in misery.

– thanks to Garfield’s Hug for the challenge idea and Mr. Sports car for the photo

Three Scented Blocks

– Smoldering nicotine as not a lady puts out her cigarette against the human services window pane

– Overwhelming perfume as the cashmere figure boards a cab in front of the upscale boutique hotel

– Striking sulfur as an old man lights one up between the coffee shop and the bus station

– Frying cider donuts as the farm stand openers prepare the tourist market for the day

– Harrowing steaming grates portraying unimaginable smells as the Holocaust memorial reminds us of genocide and Ethnic cleansing

– Spiraling vehicle exhausts as all walks of life freely come and go to their selected corners of the city

As the rules say, Not as they do

On the daily commuter rail, I like to sit on the train car that is reserved as a quiet space. We passengers like to settle into our own silent world to read or finish a work item. I also pay bills or write fiction (okay, semi non-fiction) during this personal down time. For those that are not the frequent travelers, there is a loud reminder on the SPEAKER at EVERY stop:

“For passenger comfort, the quiet car is the first car behind the locomotive Monday through Friday. Please speak in hushed tones and refrain from using cell phones and electronics in the quiet car. Thank you and enjoy the ride.”

The only one that bothers me, and needs to speak in hushed tones, is the quiet car speaker system!