Literacy Volunteer – ESOL

ESOL is English for speakers of other languages.

The Literacy Volunteer groups bring people together to provide free, confidential and individualized literacy tutoring to adults.  With improved literacy skills, and the confidence that comes with them, people are able to lead a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.

The entries on this page are about my experiences as a first year      tutor. The trials and tribulations as well as the laughter and humor.  My purpose is to convey the human side of learning a new language.  It is something I admire and desire for my  own trip abroad one day.  The students have started on their dreams – and are helping to form mine.

Practice your own literacy and read the entries, starting  with

Lesson 1 on January 23, 2015

The series can be read in date order by scrolling to the bottom.

4 thoughts on “Literacy Volunteer – ESOL”

    1. This was so cool to find tonight. You didn’t have to do this but it is nice to hear the other side of the story, my friend. Just one thing – you don’t get any more pictures! Hahahahaha!


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