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Momism II – an added perspective

In my “Momism” post, I talked about one of my spiritual Mom Aha! moments. I ended by stating that I’d “spend less time wondering, worrying and wishing. I will live in the moment for that drive back to campus.”

So, about the drive –

We packed up the car this past Sunday afternoon to return our young ladies to their campus homes. We decided to take our time and enjoy a nice family mid-afternoon dinner on our way back. I stopped wondering what restaurant they were going to pick along the way. They agreed on a nice little Mexican cantina up on the hill.

We parked the car and ran up the steps knowing there was chips and salsa and guacamole and iced tea in our future. We decided to also order the buffalo wings for an appetizer. I stopped worrying about finances and when the next tuition payment was due. We had the best family time and the nicest wait staff ever.

When left our fat tip and walked our fatter selves to the door. We decided it was getting late and to head back to the first campus. I stopped wishing we had more time together and decided to just absorb the final moments. We headed down the steps to our car and were shocked to find the windows smashed.

We’d been vandalized but I thought if whoever did it had just asked for help, we could’ve invited them to dinner.