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Yesterday I wasn’t sure what to wear. I didn’t have to work, would be outside and also end up at the mall. We’d probably all go out to lunch too. My outfit had to be versatile and breezy. I don’t how many times I fussed…I changed my shoes twice and my top several more..or was it the other way around?

I looked at what I had on…dressed up jeans and sandals…and I asked these questions:

  • Would these clothes work?
  • Could I also wear them to check my antique booth later in the day?
  • Did the outfit need something else?

I reached for my trustworthy devotional calendar for answers:

“You’re loved in this moment, just the way you are – and you’re on your way to becoming all God created you to be.”

I went on my way, with some added confidence, feeling very becoming.

…and let me add – as I finished this post I read today’s entry as well:

“My God is “changeless” in His love for me.”!!

Take That!

I’ve been away from my blog but do have draft notes.  Future entries will include personal and home projects that have released me from myself and started my transformation.  For today, you just need to know that I challenged God this afternoon.

After a morning of physical labor, I showered and dressed and felt great about my progress. I was also thankful that my body is slowly becoming stronger. I had a renewed sense of myself and was looking forward to the rest of the day. I walked toward my “God in every moment calendar” and thought ‘what could you possibly have in store for me that reflects today’s accomplishment and my feeling of being headed in a new and more positive direction’?

It was a genuinely curious and skeptical inquiry that was resolved by reading May 17:

The God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

 It’s Peter 5:10

My faith was reinforced and my tears were silent.

Weekly Calendar Quotes


I wanted a meeting to go well.   I wondered if I had the will to run after work.  Business couldn’t have gone better and I learned I actually do have some lung capacity.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Hebrews II


I didn’t just walk at lunch. I ran 500 steps. It was also auction night. My paddle number was the year I was born and I won a few bids.

Where your heart leads…give your all.


I worked from home and had the most productive day ever.  I also got some laundry done and made a town donation at lunch time. After dinner, I was excited to meet my friend at the track again.

Work hard and with gladness all the time, as though working for Christ, doing the will of God with all your hearts.

Ephesians 6..7


At lunchtime, I was welcomed at Habitat for Humanity and bought a table inside.  Salvation Army also had some great resale items.  After work, I forgot my phone and change of location and missed my tutoring session. My student and our coordinator ended up together and I enjoyed the time by writing Cristina a letter.

God is in control and his favor is upon you – enjoy your day.


I woke up able to walk…but not in a straight line or upright. I fell into the wall several times. I was scared. I had the strangest headache. I didn’t know what to do. I read my calendar again:

This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.


The words made me laugh, smile and accept. I was no longer afraid. I went back to bed. I watched couples get married on the Price is Right. The dog and I will walk a crooked line to the mailbox. I will take a nice Spring drive to the lab with my husband.

I am going to be okay. I take joy in believing that. I have faith.





PSD – partial sick day.

I was not well but wanted to be at work for an afternoon meeting. The meeting had already  been postponed once and I needed to own resolving an issue.  I also had to get more rest and just get better though.  I ached all over and my head felt like it would explode.  I compromised and told the office I was taking a morning sick day.

After feeding the pets, I climbed back in bed.

I fell asleep for two hours and woke up hungry and needing the bathroom. I didn’t want to extend the energy to address either. Mother Nature finally yelled and I reluctantly crawled out of my cocoon. I took more meds and drank some water. I also needed to eat but didn’t want to cook or wait on myself.

So, I grabbed a banana.

I pulled out more tissues and schlumped my way back to the bedroom.

As miserable as I was, I wondered if it justified not going to work?

Maybe I should still be at the office?

Was I sick enough?

Did I really need all this rest?

I asked for resolution to my thoughts and unrest.  I read my devotional calendar and got the answer I needed (see photo).

I was right where I was supposed to be.

I set my alarm for noon, finished my banana and went back to sleep until I had to deal with the fruits in the office.


What do you do when you wake up early, after staying up way too late, and the dog needs to go out and it’s still the dead of winter?…

…and you want to go back to bed but you should first eat your breakfast to stay strong because you don’t otherwise exercise and when you do get your butt moving later in the day, you’re going to freeze your ass off for the 120th day in a row?..

…and you have plenty of paperwork from the office at home and more work in the house but no matter what you decide there won’t be enough hours in the day to do it all?…

Answer: Do what you do every day: multi-task.

Put on warm clothes, grab your breakfast and dig out a ‘frig for your o.j.


Start your snow treadmill and hike in over three feet of Massachusetts snow…


Lay down each time your heart rate is up and make a snow angel to rest.  The angel will point out you’re in the cold you dreaded, have exercised and your morning entry has written itself.


Everything you need is in your back yard.  He has supplied all of your needs.

There’s plenty of time for whatever else because your trust is in Him.

The Lord has provided another beautiful day.

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my daughter’s 20th birthday.  At some point this morning, I started to question how well I’d taught her?  About everything?  – the world? – and had I ‘done right by the family’?  She’s off to college and I wondered if she was happy?  Happy enough?  Where is she going in life? and is she prepared?  What else can we do to support her?  The thoughts kept coming as I drove to work.

I unpacked my bag when I got to the office and glanced at my daily devotional.  It said,

“Don’t worry about seeing or understanding what the future holds.  God wants you to trust Him as He leads you, even though you can’t see clearly ahead.  And don’t be overly concerned about fully comprehending the past.  Only He knows the whole truth about it, anyway.  You have Him now.  He is your light.  And that’s all that matters.”


I continue to be in awe of the Holy Spirit.  I am finally starting to affirm my faith on a daily basis.  Amen.



I was watching the work pile up on my desk knowing it all had similar due dates. I started losing productivity wondering which project to start first.

I’ve learned to look at my daily devotional in those overwhelming moments:

“As you take one step at a time, holding God’s hand and letting Him lead, He will get you where you need to go.”

My workload was manageable now that I had a partner.