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Auditors Welcome

We all need feedback. That’s how we get better.

– Bill Gates


It’s about the journey

I started the day by reaching for my devotional and wondered, how long will it take my current situation to be resolved?

“Your reaction during a period of testing will be revealing. Will you love Him above all else? Will you believe He is who says He is and trust Him to provide for your needs? Will you do what He tells you to do?

If you are fearful and bitter during the process, you delay the blessings God is waiting to rain on you. That’s what the Israelites did, and they wandered around for 40 years on a journey that should have taken just a few weeks. You don’t want to do that.

I don’t. Today my “to do”list will also include patience…and strength.


Bad news of the day and everyone’s freaking out but I’m like:

Romans 8:31

I absorb the information and try to assess how it will impact me and remember:

Exodus 15:2

At the end of the day, I wonder if I am naive, stupid or both so I randomly open Psalms for some guidance and there it is:

Psalm 3-2:6

It’s the good news as I start another day.

One Mississippi

I awake feeling both exhausted and restless.  Regardless, I feel the need to work but have such low energy, even getting the mail seems like a bad idea.  The mailbox seems too




My body is so tired, it feels like I walked from New England to Mississippi today. Actually, I think I was dragged there on my back because it is sore as hell. 

When I arrived on the Mississippi plantation, the devil filled me with a sack full of cotton bolls. I swear even my belly button is sore and dehydrated. My insides are so dry I wonder how my nose can drip.  Any mucus that finally develops must be coming from my lungs.  My chest is tight, like a barge pushing against the tide, trying to pull every part of my body out of misery and into a better place.  I try to put on a brave face but it is under pressure too.

My body is imploding.


My reaction is to counterattack and explode onto the page.

I soak up the sunshine

and enjoy the breeze.

My mind cannot rest

And my body hurts,

so I work on my soul.

I’m finally wide awake and am content and grateful.  I feel the need to send my body rest because ignoring that letter of the law seems like a bad idea.   My spirit is alive and He is





Time Passages

I was overwhelmed by:

  • the end of the month –
  • the end of the quarter
  • the end date of my goal
  • summer was REALLY over

It was already a new month:

  • October was here
  • it was the fourth quarter
  • I needed more time
  • I was literally falling into fall

October 1 – “God In Every Moment” calendar

Seasons bring change,

and the beauty of each one lies

in the purpose God has for it.

I walked away with a renewed faith and trust in God –

and a Spring in my step.