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#PRallstars – Fantastic Four

My niece, Melissa, and I have never missed viewing three consecutive episodes of Project Runway All-Stars together.On this week before Easter, I bowed out again because my youngest daughter was home for the holiday. Time with her is fleeting as she gets older, so her presence overrides everything. She trumps my weekly budget, closet items and PRAS routine!

Tarah and I binge watched shows she missed during exams instead. At 9:15, I knew the four remaining designers and iconic judges would soon be on the updated round runway. I glanced down at my phone wondering if Melissa was in D.C. without me? She was at the Capital and shared her capital lettering:

The remaining designers were indeed the fantastic four. Melissa knows I loved Fabio in his original seasonand evidently she now appreciates his Sunday best. My niece was ready to text about the episode but I explained I wasn’t watching. She understood and stopped the relay of unfolding events. About an hour later, I acknowledged that yes, we needed to talk over the weekend and then I put my phone away for the night:

I hadn’t seen Melissa’s response until the next morning – after the episode aired. Feeling unresolved, anxious for the results and out-of-the loop, I responded accordingly:

I didn’t watch TV that morning but Good Friday was still a great day. My daughter and I went shopping, shared a delicious Italian late lunch and played cards into the night.

PRAS withdrawal kicked in as I went to bed, so I gave myself a challenge and knew I had to “make it work”. I woke before the sun and watched TV on demand. I also started texting notes for later discussion with Melissa:

I know my texting had woken Melissa up but she stayed awake to humor me and relive a great episode. My niece saw my final remarks later in the morning and responded:

We must join creative forces and watch together! Project Runway All Stars has been a fantastic season. In four more days, the last episode will be a finale marvel.

Young at heart

“I’ve always loved being a tomboy.

What you see, is what you get.”


“I don’t want to be the next anything.

I want to be the first me.”

Avalon Young

She ‘served’ it up to me. She’s only 21 but she’s an American Idol contender.

You go, tomgirl!




My niece and I have a blast watching Project Runway together. We are emotionally invested in the show. We often get so upset with the designers, we shout at the TV. Some nights it gives us great Tweet material – pun intended.

Last night produced – again with a puns – one of my favorite quotes.

We were really upset about the contestants treatment of a fellow designer. I was irritated one chick couldn’t  admit she was a bully and yelled:

“She needs to get a clue, even if she buys the game at Toys R Us!”

It was Ms. Candice, in the work room, with the pattern of bad behavior.

Drive Me Crazy

I learned about Electronics Drives when our girls were in High School. It was always a profitable fundraiser and typically reserved for the Senior class. Without a dumpster or dump sticker, I thought you had to wait for local recycling events to get rid of electronics.

Am I the only person in North America that didn’t know you could bring old computers and televisions to your local electronics superstore? It’s a free service and available every day of the week. They also give you a donation slip for your taxes.

Although the fundraisers were for a good cause, they weren’t necessary. This other option allows you to save money, get a tax deduction and recycle machinery any time the store is open. Today I learned our e-junk could have been out of the house sooner. That would have pleased baby girl.

I could have had more money in the bank…and fewer notes.

Fun facts

I realized the other night that our nursing student daughter has been peppering us with medical fun facts:

  •  She started watching  Botched since she’s come home. As the doctors prepared for surgery she asked, “Do you know how long they wash their hands?”

I know they have to scrub for a long time.

“Ten minutes. Do you know how long other people wash their hands?”   “4 SECONDS.”

  • When a derogatory comment was made about our pug’s breath, we learned that ‘his mouth is cleaner than ours’!
  • When she heard about my high cholesterol last week, she educated me again.

“That’s disgusting, Mom!”

I found her reaction very motivating to lower it.

  • I keep losing to her at Trivia Crack every time there’s a medical question too. I can answer the periodic chart related questions since I took some chemistry.  It’s Biology and A & P where she gets ahead.

No, I don’t know how many bones can break in that appendage. No, I don’t know what falls off if you get that disease.

There are some things in this world I admittedly don’t want to know.

As she continues to pepper us with medical tidbits, I’ll remember she is the salt of our earth.