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Sweet rewards

The most desirable fruit often comes from the most severe pruning by the masters hand.


There’s a Part III ?!?!

Yes, there is. My last entry was meant to be a one part sequel. However, our summer downsizing project seems to be on the upswing. Baby girl helped Dad clean his bedroom closet!  The cleaning follow-up post-it notes  have been irritating but getting him to toss items makes her the queen of motivational cleaning!!

She knows exactly how to coerce and manage him. It was clear from the first note that she got his buy-in to approach the not-in-a-million-years project:

photo 1-20

I was still the one to lug them away and make the drop-off but I did it with a spring in my step and the spirit of Santa Claus.  I also have a documented audit trail so there can be no backlash!

The next note I reacted to with the same enthusiasm:

photo 2-22

I couldn’t take the trash out to the garage fast enough!

Of course I still inherited work from their labor…

photo 3-16

…but it’s nice to know they think I’m the entrepreneur of the family.

photo 5-3

It was also sweet to learn my daughter wants to wear an old camouflage sweater from Dad’s younger days.

What I had a problem with was when I saw they had questioned my decorating skills:

 photo 4-17

No, we are not getting rid of my two Currier prints in the antique frames with the original bubble glass.

No, we are not getting rid of my inspiring Soyer print.

No, we are not getting rid of great uncle Harrison’s heirloom.

I’ll bow to the queen for helping us clean a closet but I am not her court jester.

Now Am Found

Tonight the pause in my day allowed me to find my long lost friend. I think the Holy Spirit had something to do with that. I always knew she wasn’t far and I had faith that we’d meet again one day. So, I suppose I cannot say she was lost. Or maybe we both were? Either way, I’m glad to have her back. I think we can still learn a lot from each other. We already have. While I haven’t seen her in way too long, she’s always been in my heart. This post is to let her know she is as close as always. I think my day is now complete.

Cool – but should’ve been whipped



Once, when nobody was looking, I opened a Cool Whip container at the local grocer and stole a sweet taste.  That was the life of crime during my Wonder Years in the 70’s.  A young Catholic girl sent to the corner store for a new gallon of milk and I somehow convince myself that I need a clever, illegal sugar fix.  I often wonder what the buyer thought when they starting constructing their dessert and discovered my breach?  As a now adult, I don’t even consider buying artificial toppings. I may have been a pioneer to product tampering but I am a veteran to the sweet life of a criminally good dessert.