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“God’s timing isn’t always easy to understand

but it’s always perfect.”


My ‘God in Every Moment’ calendar when I wondered why  

 Recent days had been such a struggle – and why now ?


“Life isn’t always what we want it to be

but the difficult times always make us stronger.”


My reflection….because faith grows every day.




Wonder Land

He suddenly falls into a hole of darkness.

Like Alice through the looking glass, he tumbles into confusion.

Everything small is now big.

Nothing makes sense.

But the blue caterpillar must listen to his identity crisis.

There is no logic to it.

It’s madness without the tea.

It’s a procession of cards.

He must call them out before they swarm –

to stop the imaginative happenings.

I want to wake him from his dream.

I need him sitting beneath the tree with me.


I exercise every day

Books are to be called for and supplied on the assumption that the process of reading is not a half-sleep;  but in the highest sense an exercise, a gymnastic struggle;  that the reader is to do something for himself.”

Walt Whitman