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New Diet – Not a Fad

He that is of a merry heart,

Will have a continuous feast!

– Proverbs 15:15


Friday’s are a reward at the end of a week but they also make me assess my time management.  This morning I wondered if I’d hesitated on an opportunity?  Should I have already completed more projects?  How many items did I knock off my home to do list?    Was I being fair to myself?  Investing enough in my family?  Were my goals aggressive enough? Did I spend my time in all the right ways? Where was I supposed to be?

Anxiety, yes, but I’ve learned to call these lapses in confidence ‘needless’ anxiety. Though knowing the feelings are unnecessary, still accompany a very conscious effort to let go.  I try to offer up the angst.  I remind myself that I do everything for a reason.

Today I wondered if I tried to do too much?  Had my strategies become inefficient?

Was I taking care of myself in the process?  Did I find the joy in every day?

The thoughts started to flood and I knew I needed to move on.  So, I read my ‘God In Every Moment’ calendar.  I find every quote to bring calm and perspective to my day, regardless of the circumstance.  I hoped for a quick fix of reassurance as I read April 8:

“Love God and accept where you are – it’s exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

It reaffirmed my faith and I accepted my Friday reward.



When a strategy goes terrible awry and you wonder what the next step should be:

“We should make plans – counting on God to direct us.”

Proverbs 16:9

(In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.)