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#Haiku: Renew and Refesh

Reawaken time:

Learn backwards and move forward.

Breathe and start again.




Thank you to Colleen for the Tuesday challenge.



Education fulfills dreams and makes us who we are.  Both the extent of the dream and our new self is unimaginable when we begin our journey. 

Whether formal or informal, based on investment or need, learning is a never ending way to change the world. 


Transform humanity.

Shape our future.

                  Don’t wait for it to happen. 

Make it happen.

Be you – 

Be all of you.

May End

Our yard sale route was mapped out perfectly today. We started at the Old Parish hall because every year someone there knows exactly what I want:

  • mb2TUlxBIhqINCSoZDQ9P2g
  • My peeps were waiting for me…
  • …and those young’ens also knew I’d adopt their pets:
  • mkA6CEGtYu_ao51TykWsY0A
  • I impersonated Noah and brought them aboard too.  They didn’t have bus transport though, so I bought them some “carnival” glass.
  • $_1
  • The bundled lot set me back $1.75 but I accepted God’s will.
  • My adoptions may end within forty days and nights, once I come down to earth, but I will find them all new homes.
  • Needless to say, I flipped over our first stop.


Sadly, I thought of women in my earlier life when I saw the “vicious” word challenge.

Middle school is a hard time for children, especially girls. They’re growing fast and awkwardly. Mean observations are shared which leads to bullying. It’s a very competitive age when everyone figuring out where they fit in.

Middle school is also the time children become more social – and parents along with them. Moms and dads are meeting other parents and defining their new friend circles. Gatherings are sometimes awkward as personalities emerge. I’ve heard snarky remarks and seen judging faces of curiosity. It seems like a competition when parents want to fit in.

Behavior is learned at home.

I sat on this challenge for several days because I hated the fact that my first thought was vicious mothers. I looked at it several times and wondered:

What else is vicious? Animals? Yes, we are animals – and sometimes we are unaware we teach our young to be vicious.

Thanks to Judith for letting me get this out of my system – in more than 100 words.

Around the World

The first deal of the day was close to home and two globes selling for $5 each.  In other words – $5 for both after I reminded the seller they were trying to get rid of them. A classic Yankee compromise. I’m going to display them near all the classics in my ‘back to school’ themed booth. My geography lesson for the day was that a good flip doesn’t have to be a trek around the world.




I think I’ve almost made it.  This transition from parent to friend is starting to feel really good.  I had the best time with my college girl yesterday.  We did all the things that old friends do.  We made plans for the day, hung-out on the couch talking, went to a nice Cafe lunch, confided in each other, learned about each other’s current lives and made fun of each other on the way home.  She was driving.  Let’s just add, okay admit, that yes, it was nice to have her cart my ass around too.  Once she got me back to the home, it was also nice to hear her talk about the people she wanted to visit before she went back to school.  I don’t refer to the girlfriend she was staying with that night either.  She was wanting to visit her grandparents and a cousin she knows is having a hard time.  I’ve always known she was compassionate inside and feels very deeply in there.  Maya Angelou says once our children find it in their hearts to care for someone else, then you have succeeded.  Maybe I’m more than an almost friend.  Maybe I’m a successful Mom.

photo credit: Compassion and Insight Center