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Major Business

In response to the writing prompt below:

The sun is already coming up and I’m still here, he thought to himself.  As ambitious as he was, he knew this was crazy.  What the hell am I doing?!  I know numbers and mergers but I never meant to trade my life for them. If I’m expected to do this to “make a living”,  I’ll do more dying than living.  I should have changed my major in college.  I thought about it but hiking and skiing was what I did for fun.  I thought I was supposed to “motivate” to get a “better job”.  Screw this.  I don’t call it better when you’re still in the same underwear as yesterday and haven’t had a fresh meal in three days………Yes, that’s what I’ll do……….. When the work day really starts in this investment jail house, I’m going straight to HR.  I’ve got to go live on the mountain.  I can hump the trails, fish the rivers and ski the patrols up North.  I don’t need this shit.  The corporate trails are endless, I’ve been thrown down river in less than a year and am going mentally South faster than my politically correct person can even say!…………….I’m leaving today to be the lord of my own mountain.  I want to see the sunrise from the other side of this sterile window.