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Trisha Melville

My oldest daughter’s right of passage occurred in Costa Rica. I thought her transition to adulthood would be on her 21st birthday with us.  Rather, the event was about a month earlier with her boyfriend.

Beaches, hikes, party boats, fine dining, cliff diving  –

and a jet ski.

She’d been on a jet ski in her lifetime, so that wasn’t new to her.

We’d met her boyfriend Ryan several months prior, so he wasn’t new to us.

It was the combination of the two that was noteworthy.

She’d posted pictures on social media throughout the week.

We’d read that she’d seen marine life, including a whale.

We just didn’t know HOW she’d seen the whale.

Whales are the biggest creatures that live on this earth.  My daughter was three miles out when she saw one crest the water.  I’m sure it was an amazing pivotal moment – watching it from a jet ski.

When she talked about it in hindsight, reasoning kicked in. 

I’m glad we could be there for her transition from adolescence to adulthood.