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It was my responsibility to get the girls, future nurses, to Boston. I certainly knew the way but only drove as far as Alewife, a popular commuter station in Cambridge. I didn’t have any other arrangements. It was Saturday and nobody knew we were coming. I just wanted the girls to physically see some larger city hospitals. I’m not a planner and relied on the subways once we abandoned our car. I’m not comfortable with the one-way streets and city driving.

Sorry, a guide isn’t necessarily a cab driver.

I planned to get us to Mass General Hospital a few stops down the red line. I figured the girls would walk the halls of a busy hospital and observe whatever happened while we were there.

I didn’t realize we would tour the ether dome, learn some origins of nursing and take photos in the serenity garden overlooking the city.

I wanted us to switch to the green line and have a nice lunch on Newbury Street. I thought maybe we could check out a few shops before getting back on the subway.

I didn’t realize there would also be a glass front Condom World in that neighborhood.

It was actually ironic since we were on our way to Children’s Hospital.

Since my daughter would love to work there someday (Children’s not Condom World), I wanted her and her college bestie to at least see the building, the interactive walls and musical stairs.

I never expected the charge nurse to also let us view parts of the NICU! After that, we also played on the beach and enjoyed our personally crafted fro-yo.

We had a very long, fun and educational day in Boston. I very responsibly provided my sightseers with information about their places of interest.


Its All Greek To Me

I wasn’t excited to go to the Mall post Thanksgiving. I was looking forward to some 1×1 time with my oldest daughter though. I am always so proud of her.

Not to put words in her mouth but while I knew she needed sweaters, I don’t think she was looking forward to the 1×1 time as much as I was. She’s never convinced I really know her.

As we started our drive, I was very direct. I wanted to know more about her new boyfriend, the current roommate situation and her off campus job but not necessarily in that order. I let her choose.

“So, what’s going on with you? What do you like most about campus life right now?”, I asked too enthusiastically.

She’s not twenty yet, so I still heard a mumble as she put down her phone. I don’t think she necessarily liked my approach and wasn’t sure how invested she wanted to be in my conversation yet.

“I didn’t know that. When did you decide you liked AC/DC?”, I realized as soon as I said it that I hadn’t made the translation. I had lost points quicker than a smoking grandma at the casino.

Inject The Venom. “REALLY!? REALLY MOM? That’s your response? Are you kidding me?” I’m sure she felt Kicked In The Teeth.

I didn’t know how to answer quickly enough. I couldn’t respond. Come Hell Or High Water, I already knew I needed to fix this.

“You know, the sorority that I just pledged? I told you I went on a retreat! Can you even say the letters Mom?” She was never a Wild Child, just a Live Wire. She was ready to electrocute me.


I thought I would be driving with Miss Adventure but now I knew I’d have to Rock the Blues Away.

“Alpha, what, Mom?” I’ll be living there next year.” We were now on the ramp to the Highway to Hell.

I was Damned and had to say With a Stiff Upper Lip, “Alpha, Delta, Betta something.”

“Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me right now?” She was Spoilin’ For a Fight and I couldn’t blame her.

I was Damned. “I can never remember all the letters. I know you’re excited about it.”

Danger! “How about you look back at some of those texts and downloads I sent you. It’s all in there Mom.”

She was absolutely right and sometimes I wonder Who Made Who. I might be old school but sometimes I just need to put all the tweets, instagrams and texts into plain old verbal communication. I had been a turkey and managed to send a Love Bomb. The smoke did clear during the ride though. She knows I’m proud of her and I learned more about her job, roommates and Bruce. The thing was, I still needed to illustrate that I was invested in her from afar. We continued our way into the mall because Money Talks.

Tinkle, Tinkle Little Girl

My husband had planned to pick my daughter up from school last Friday while I was at work. I couldn’t get home fast enough to see her but only arrived home to an empty house. I managed to stay busy with housework and a book until I heard the back door.

I shut my book, tripped over the pug and ran downstairs to see her. It was only my husband and he was putting her two bags on the kitchen floor.

“Where is she?!”, I asked excitedly.

“That’s her laundry.” he said matter-of-factly.

“I know – where is SHE?!”

“We went and had lunch with her sister and then she decided she’d stay at school.”

“You’re kidding me.”

“No, she just wanted a break. She got one. She just needs us to do her laundry.”

“YOU”RE KIDDING ME?” I said in a disappointed refusing whine.

“Seriously. How do you think I feel doing all the driving and hauling dirty clothes?!”

“At least you got to spend time with her.” I pouted.

I plopped in my rocker and then wondered why I could hear water running? As soon as I asked myself the question, I realized it wasn’t water.

I ran toward the noise knowing my daughter really was home. I didn’t care that she was indisposed. They’d tried to play a joke on me but now the joke was on her.

I hugged her on the toilet.

She couldn’t hold back any longer and neither could I.

Fringe Benefits

It’s been three weeks and I’m not just accepting my empty nest, I’m taking full and complete advantage of it:

– I’ve adopted my own soak tub and shower

– With so many new choices, I take time to make the perfect perfume selection each morning

– My closet is now threefold; i have fun finding just the right outfit

– It takes the right shoe to make the perfect outfit.  I’ve expanded those choices too.

– I buy more of my favorite snacks – because they are still there when I’m hungry

– I select whatever car keys I want in the morning – because they are exactly where I left them


– I took over the remote.  No more Kardashians, vampires, Jersey Shore repeats or zombies.

There is a God.

Check Please

Last night I had a reality check when I heard my husband talking to Trisha.  She was telling him about our day at the mall before she leaves for college.  Trisha was showing him all the last minute purchases and talking about packing the car.  When she showed him her new shirt, he admired that she could still get clothing money out of me.  My heart sank when I heard her clever response.

“Well, actually I told her to buy two.  I let Mom know if she did, we could both have one and match on move-in day.” 

I didn’t know all her tricks!  After all these years, I’d actually thought I’d heard a sweet unselfish idea.  

Sure, maybe I fell for it too quickly because I couldn’t wait to look like a co-ed again.  Or perhaps it’s more fitting than I thought.  Clearly I still need an education.  Mommy is so naive.

Movin’ on Up!

This morning I dressed for a sunny cool day in New England and put on my sneakers.  We were bringing our daughter to college and had an over abundance of boxes to move into her dorm room.  I thought about the sweat and tears that were destined to be in my future.

We drove on campus and saw extreme school spirit, cheering, high 5’s and a parade line to her dorm.  We were ready to unload but instead a barrage of football and field hockey players told us to stay in our cars.  We only had to sit inside and watch the teams haul ALL the boxes and gear to her room!

After having lunch and leaving campus, I realized we hadn’t broken a sweat.  I HAD shed the tears. I moped when we got home.  Then I didn’t know what to do with my extra energy.  We decided to leave the empty nest. I dressed again, but this time for a night on the town, and I put on my dancin’ shoes.


Our oldest daughter was able to help us move Tarah into her Freshman dorm today.

We got to meet her roommate and the parents when we helped unpack.

The full day plan included a  luncheon with all the families.

On the drive home, I heard Trisha calling her friends with an update.

“My parents weren’t nearly as awkward as I thought they’d be.”

It appears that both our girls were starting their education today.

Kids Today


My daughter and I had arranged for me to visit campus one Saturday.  I don’t mind the almost two hour drive up, if I can spend the day with my first born.  I let her know when I was on campus and she told me she’d meet me in front of her dorm.  We’d already decided we were going to lunch, and we were both hungry, so she hopped in and we headed to restaurant row.  We had a great meal and even better conversation.  I couldn’t wait to get back to campus and just hang out.  

When we approached her dorm she said, “Thanks Mom.  Tell Dad and Sissy I said Hi!”  

“What are you talking about?!  I just got here. I’m not leaving yet.”  

“Yeah, Mom.  You are.  We decided to go to lunch.  We’re not spending all day together, I have plans.”

Unbelievable.  I guess my plans were to drive two hours back home.  

Earlier than I thought.