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No vacation from God

Writing into the night, it was almost midnight by the time I went to bed. I rose at five to walk the dog and feed the pets. With nobody to answer to, I climbed back onto my gel-topped mattress and covered myself with a plush down comforter. This soft heaven was a great way to begin my vacation.

My body could reawake when it was really ready to start the day. I did not set an alarm. The sun was shining and the birds were singing but the first day of summer could wait.

Or so I thought.

At 7:15, our dog, Otis, started to bark. He doesn’t bark very often. He was very insistent.

I was so comfortable though!

I turned over and snuggled into my bed cloud.

He barked louder to really get my attention.

I knew he was right. I’d had enough sleep. In humorous agreement as I flung off my covers, I found myself saying with a smile:

“Thank you God for talking to me through my dog! I am getting up now.”

Every day is a blessing. There is no reason for a snooze button. My heaven is now and I answer to Him every day. I can’t wait to see what else He has in store for me on this beautiful day.

Yummy Expectations 

I rarely spend my hard-earned, save it for a rainy day, cold cash on beverages. I don’t drink coffee nor do I frequent the bar scene.  My nerves aren’t made of steel and I’m not a lush. I just know what I like. 

One of my favorites, my go-to drink versus coffee in the morning, is Tropicana orange juice. I don’t typically have brand loyalty but when someone or something has meaning in my life, I’m loyal to a fault. 

All that said, for me to buy a drink with a meal is a rarity. I just happen to like water with my sandwiches and pasta specials.  Yesterday was an exception. I looked in the beverage area at lunchtime because I’d rushed out of the house without my o.j.  I needed my Tropicana. 

I stayed brand loyal but spotted another juice drink that sounded even better than my reliable orange juice. It had all my favorite flavors in one  bottle – orange, strawberries and bananas. Acting on an impulse, I added a couple bucks to my lunch tab expecting a smoothie experience with my cheeseburger sub.

I gulped the thick liquid expecting it to go down smoothly. It was actually pretty rough. 

Home Bittersweet Home


My family is not made up of morning people.  There’s certainly not conversation.  Even at the breakfast table.  Maybe there are mumblings about what didn’t get done last night.  Ranting ensues related to each persons need before they leave.  Everyone is their own worst enemy, only focused on getting out the door.  Trying to help is just getting in someone’s way. The animals need attention too.  Walk me.  Feed me.  Pet me.  Despite all the clothes, there’s scrambling for just the right thing to wear.  Bags get packed.  The perfect white shirt for Senior autographs is located, still tumbling in the next room.  It’s going in circles, like the rest of us, with the uniform for tonight’s game.  Money for Friday pizza.  The keys are right were they should be.    It all happens around me and I participate as best I can, to make sure everyone is on their way. Even then it seems like nobody will be happy. I look forward to the calm when everyone is out the door.  

Now it’s still morning and I have no people.  It’s too quiet. There’s no conversation.  Pet me.  Feed me.  Watch me walk out the door…