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Front Window

My performance at the theatre tonight felt sublime. I had figuratively broken a leg. Although it wasn’t literally, I felt like James Stuart in Rear Window once I got back to my flat. I had to see if my neighbor was home yet? He had such a nice ass. I had a morbid curiosity if I could one day “love thy neighbor”? Well, I know I could. It’s more a matter of when and where…and for how long?! Reclining in my window seat I fantasized about it as I read my book on foreign travel. I imagined all the places we’d vacation some day. ¬†When I realized all the apartment lights were on, except for my rear guy, I knew he was already asleep in our bed. I happily flipped through a fashion magazine instead.

Thanks for the challenge Emilia!

Picture it and write!



Memorial day.

Uncles, aunts, friends and siblings –

always remembered.