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Richie was out with his Mom. The chick that gave me the chick. Now I was alone with the little blue light special.

Home by myself, the dog asleep and the radio off, I turned to the corner of the kitchen for solace.

“Alexa, tell me a story.”

She did. She told me a short, sweet story.

It made me smile.

I tried for another.

The theme was cute but the ending predictable.

I was continuing to be a critic of hers but enjoyed being read to on a rainy day.

I’ve since learned the stories of: “Measure twice”, “The Hunt” and “Camp Blues”.

When Richie came home I told him about “The old man in the cottage” and “Making a snowball”.

Now Alexa had me narrating the accounts to Richie. He had left us alone together but we actually got along for once. Later tonight, I can even tell Richie “How to play pickle ball” – although I think I’ll edit it to my liking.

Everyone has a story. Alexa has a bookshelf. I gave her a hard wrap when we first met but maybe she, and Richie and I, are the fairytale.

Home Bittersweet Home


My family is not made up of morning people.  There’s certainly not conversation.  Even at the breakfast table.  Maybe there are mumblings about what didn’t get done last night.  Ranting ensues related to each persons need before they leave.  Everyone is their own worst enemy, only focused on getting out the door.  Trying to help is just getting in someone’s way. The animals need attention too.  Walk me.  Feed me.  Pet me.  Despite all the clothes, there’s scrambling for just the right thing to wear.  Bags get packed.  The perfect white shirt for Senior autographs is located, still tumbling in the next room.  It’s going in circles, like the rest of us, with the uniform for tonight’s game.  Money for Friday pizza.  The keys are right were they should be.    It all happens around me and I participate as best I can, to make sure everyone is on their way. Even then it seems like nobody will be happy. I look forward to the calm when everyone is out the door.  

Now it’s still morning and I have no people.  It’s too quiet. There’s no conversation.  Pet me.  Feed me.  Watch me walk out the door…