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Time Traveler’s Time Alone

Tonight was a night my husband and I did our own thing after dinner. He had cooked so I  cleaned up the kitchen. That’s one of our unspoken rules. After talking a bit we went our separate ways in the house, knowing where each other was headed.

Non-techie me retreated upstairs with my phone, my tablet and the remote control. He knew I hadn’t watched TV since last Monday night. I wanted to tune into a chick show (yes, that one). I got in touch with both of our girls that weren’t able to watch with me.

I’d used the phone and remote.

When the show was over I turned off the TV and listened to the quiet in our home. It was nice to just chill and think about my family in this house.  We understand each other and it felt good to appreciate that. I headed off to bed.

I’d never used my tablet.

I sat back down and figured I’d at least check my inbox before retiring. There were just two e-mails:

One was from my long term friend that lives on the West Coast. All it said was “look who’s in the passenger seat”. It was a picture of her jeep and one of the first times we went driving together. I remembered our good times and knew our friendship was as strong as ever. Her few words and gesture added to my glorious reflective moment.

29 June 1982

The second was from my most recent friend. She’s not on the Pacific but across the Atlantic in Spain. She too had only a few words for me: “Have a great day/week!” It was with a picture she knew I’d love and I did. A simple act that connected our distance and made me smile.


The short time in my life with these two women has been part of my journey and they’ve both touched my soul. We bonded in ways I cherish and will never fully understand. What I do know is that they were here with me tonight.

I was physically alone but with five people that know me best in this world. Each of them even understand why I took a silly picture of myself for this entry. They love the goof in me. They love me for who I am.

There’s another rule. Listen to the quiet….

…you’ll be surprised and comforted by what you hear.