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“I’m not going to die because I failed as someone else. I’m going to succeed as myself.”

– Margaret Cho


From the beginning…I was also Adam’s Eve

For anyone that knows me, clearly I wasn’t ‘Born to Be
Wild’. I also know that ‘A
Change is Gonna Come’. I’ve learned that
since being so taken by Adam Lambert.
Every Tuesday night I was ‘Feelin
Good’ and just about ‘Cryin’
watching him perform. He is the ‘One’. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight, ‘Black or White’. ‘Play that Funky Music’, Adam. ‘If I can’t have you’, I am married. Although, I did tell my husband, there are ‘No Boundaries’ now. It’s a ‘Mad

Fair Science



Doesn’t every 12-year old act out of character to earn their right to be a teenager?  Perhaps turn into someone they are not?  Nothing too dark or forbidden – but say,  start a lie or stretch the truth? That’s what Sandi and I did in Junior High.  We crossed over to our wild side. We actually liked being there too.  In fact, we were proud of it.

The topic was cutting edge.  We’d found it by pouring through my dad’s science books at my house and in our classroom.  We spent most of our project time agreeing on the subject matter and research.  We knew that was what mattered when they selected the winners.  We wanted to outdo our hydroponics from the prior year.  We weren’t going to make posters of ‘Mold’ or ‘Erosion’ or ‘The Life Cycle of a Frog’.  We were going to teach the adults something again.  So, after scanning a multitude of science book indexes, in alphabetical order, we finally discovered and agreed upon ‘Parthenocarpy’.  It had the sound of science and it caught your attention.    We had an impressive title and were ready to learn about the engineering of seedless fruit.  

We were hoping for a winner and as we read, it was exactly that.  We had lost time picking our project title but we were going to gain speed in our booth design.  We only had to go grocery shopping.  Stores already had seedless oranges…and seedless grapes.  We spent our money on a Sunkist but seedless grapes were nowhere to be found.  They existed but not in our neighborhood.    

So, we did what any good scientist would do.  We performed surgery.  We carved out the seeds and did one of man’s first implants in 1979.  It was survival of the fittest.  The meat of one fruit was sacrificed to fill the hole in another.  When we were done, our cut grape appeared to be seedless.  We needed this additional still life to round out our exhibit.  At an early age, we were learning the desperation and Ethics of science.

The topic that night was eye-catching.  We understood the topic and made it easy for our audience to understand.  What was incomprehensible to the adults was the question of the night,  “Did we ever think there would be seedless watermelon?”  We assured our parents and teachers that, yes, someday there would be.  The science was there.  

Despite having misrepresented our seedless grape, we thought it was fair that we won third place.  One may look back and say it was forbidden fruit but we had decided to look forward to a new garden.