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Hats Off To You

Tonight I was at the auction for the sheer volume. There had to be a winning bid in there for me somewhere. The challenge was that there was also a room packed with dealers – a full house. Ironically, the card guy wasn’t there though.

There was also volumes, pun intended, of books. I was lucky early on and won the lot I wanted.
I didn’t get the crank phone or the antique angels.

I also got the toys I wanted. I think one of the toy guys was being nice and backed off bidding.
I didn’t get the rocking Santa or the wooden hand.

All my virtual sister wanted was a hat. I had to bid for her but I missed preview. I was also in the center of the room and didn’t have view to all the tables. So when I saw a straw hat go on the block, I was the dumb block that wasted $5 on the wrong one.

As I turned to take it from the runner, I saw the correct Top-Flite hat. It was the last table of items to go up for bid. I was able to snatch it for another $5. The second thing I didn’t realize was that it was one hat in a lot of ten.

Now I had $10 to collect for ten hats, nine of which would hit the thrift shop donation bin. One saving grace of the night was selling one of the dolls in my toy box on the way out. I made back the money I’d spent on books and toys.

I had volumes to take home but it was sheer luck that I broke even.