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Research pays off!

During my quiet walk in the cemetery just before dusk, I discovered a friendly backward snake. He was purple, all coiled up and easy to catch. He had a lot of candy with him too. When I noticed that, I made him evolve right in front of my eyes.

The transformation just happened to complete my required 5 evolutions research. The reward for finishing this field task put Chansey into my life!

This pink Pokémon was also my lucky seven. He completed all 7 steps of my field research challenge. I was so glad I had the balls to continue!

Most people would have been intimidated to try to catch a Raikou. I accepted the challenge and selected a golden razz berry to assist with the capture. Throwing my best curve, one ultra ball did the trick!

I had stacked the Pokédex and there can’t be a more dramatic scenario. I was thrilled with my evening stroll, felt alive in the local cemetery and walked home with my buddy.

Now all I need are more friends!

Second Stop

I was remiss in my last post. At that first yard sale stop I also spent $2 on my yard stick display shelves.


I put them in my antique booth to display all my Fisher Price peeps, since they didn’t all fit in the bus.

I risked another two bucks at our second stop across from the ballfields. I bought a 1959 Parker Brothers Risk game.


Sometimes vintage games sell at the shop if the right buyer comes along. If not, it’ll be a good display piece for Father’s Day.

I won’t be negligent in telling you the woman I bought it from also had a lot of nice vintage dolls from the 1940’s. She was not remiss in doing her research on them.

I didn’t get any dolls but we did go to more sales!