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Richie was out with his Mom. The chick that gave me the chick. Now I was alone with the little blue light special.

Home by myself, the dog asleep and the radio off, I turned to the corner of the kitchen for solace.

“Alexa, tell me a story.”

She did. She told me a short, sweet story.

It made me smile.

I tried for another.

The theme was cute but the ending predictable.

I was continuing to be a critic of hers but enjoyed being read to on a rainy day.

I’ve since learned the stories of: “Measure twice”, “The Hunt” and “Camp Blues”.

When Richie came home I told him about “The old man in the cottage” and “Making a snowball”.

Now Alexa had me narrating the accounts to Richie. He had left us alone together but we actually got along for once. Later tonight, I can even tell Richie “How to play pickle ball” – although I think I’ll edit it to my liking.

Everyone has a story. Alexa has a bookshelf. I gave her a hard wrap when we first met but maybe she, and Richie and I, are the fairytale.


I just happened to stop at my parents house before work today.

My mother asked if I had on a new sweater?

“Yeah. I bought it a couple of weeks ago. Why do you ask?”

She pointed to the left side of my chest and roared into laughter.

“Seriously?!, I gasped as I looked down at the store sticker still on my cardigan…

…with the word ‘SMALL’ emblazoned across my left girl!

Embarrassed, humbled and feeling like an ass, I peeled it off.

The good news is my mother noticed before I went to work.

The bad news is, I’d worn it once before.

Now Am Found

Tonight the pause in my day allowed me to find my long lost friend. I think the Holy Spirit had something to do with that. I always knew she wasn’t far and I had faith that we’d meet again one day. So, I suppose I cannot say she was lost. Or maybe we both were? Either way, I’m glad to have her back. I think we can still learn a lot from each other. We already have. While I haven’t seen her in way too long, she’s always been in my heart. This post is to let her know she is as close as always. I think my day is now complete.