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Freedom Now

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Follow Jesus –

Live the gospel.


My husband was not supportive as I left for my first official traffic court appearance. He found it humorous that my lack of administrative skills had led me to this moment. He teased that I wouldn’t win and laughed that we’d still have to pay for my unregistered vehicle.

I wasn’t nervous but I was cautious as I neared the courthouse. I drove very slowly as I approached, used my blinkah and made sure I was in between the lines when I got out of my cah. I gathered all my paperwork and put on a professional blazah, to help make a good impression.

When I opened the back door of the courthouse, I realized I hadn’t considered this part. I handed over my belongings and succumbed to the wand. I was deemed clean and told to ‘head upstairs and wait’. There were two empty courtrooms and an empty bench. Other people showed up after a few minutes to also sit on the 25 foot bench but I was focused on my story. I told myself to stick to the facts and only speak when spoken to. My strategy paid-off. I was released with my good record, $0 owed and a directive to thank the officer. I shook his hand and was a free woman again.

I was looking forward to walking past security, breathing fresh air and calling my husband. I wasn’t going to let him off so easily.

“Hon, this is my one phone call. I need you to come to the courthouse and get me.”

“Wait. What?!”, he had nothing else to say for the moment.

“I have two minutes on the phone. I just need you to get here.”

“What happened? Are you serious?!” I had him right where I wanted him.

“I said too much. You say I always talk too much. I cut them off. They are holding me in contempt of court.”

It sounded like a scared smile, “You better be kidding. Seriously?”

“Listen carefully. Go to the back of the courthouse. Ask for Officer O’Toole.” I made it sound as specific and official as possible.

“HOLD ON! Let me get a pen and paper and write all this down.” He seemed to be realizing the legal system wasn’t something to joke about after all.

I couldn’t hold it in any longer and laughed when he got back on the phone.

I was not being very supportive of the situation he was in. I found it humorous that my acting skills had led to this moment. I teased that I would’ve paid the money I’d saved, to see the look on his face.