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What state do I want the Lord to find me in when He calls?

Songs Remembered

Songs are the best advertisement.  They stick in your head and don’t let go.  Consider these examples:

1.  Continue the lyrics:

“Here’s the story….”

2.  Start the exercise:

Y – M – C – A !

3. Name the song:

“…sing us a song tonight. We’re all in the mood for a melody…”

4. How and where do you – – –

‘Row, row, row your boat’?

5. Identify the song writer to –

I’m a believer!

Easy, right?  Everyone that gets these correct should follow my blog. I’ll make you think about what you know and I’ll make you laugh about it too.  I’ll stick in your head and I won’t let go.

Ups and Downs

I knew I had to have a difficult conversation at work yesterday and was dreading it.  I asked Him for help as I started my day. It took me until I was packing up that night to realize everything, and then some, had all worked out.  Before I went to the elevator, I paused again to read my daily calendar:

“God loves us so much that He allows us to get into difficult places in our lives so we will realize how dependent upon Him we must be.”

I continue to embrace my renewed faith.