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Don’t you know me yet?

Use your imagination. 

Creep all over me!


We rented a new car and my husband was the driver for our long weekend. We arrived home just before midnight on Monday.  My husband went to work early the next morning and I was responsible for returning the car. I found the key ring on our kitchen table and couldn’t believe my sleepy eyes. There was a key ring but no key. 

I phoned my husband to ask why the key was not on the agencies key ring? Where did he think he may have dropped it?!

There was a long pause.

He didn’t think there was need for concern.

“Yes, I’m serious. I just went to leave and there’s no key to put into the ignition. Only the black top of the key!”

He is a patient man. Often perplexed at me but very patient. 

“Is there also a black circle on the black top of the key ring? Press that.”

I must have sounded like an amazed little kid playing with a new toy on the other end of that  phone line. 

I retracted both my questions to him and the key. 

Who knew?!

I didn’t. We’ve had our car for over ten years and I’m old school. Unlike the key ring, I have nothing to hide.