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Over and Under

I was over the top to see my eldest today.  As I approached campus, I was giddy with excitement.  I was picking her up for a routine doctor’s appointment but I was thrilled to have the time together.  She knew I was on my way and maybe also thinking I’m a bit overwhelming at times.   She texted and kept me at a distance when I arrived. She wasn’t in her dorm room (Clue #1).  That was fine though.  She was bringing home one of her roommates and they were already up and about and down the street.

Trisha asked me to meet them at the local coffee shop (Clue #2).  Trisha was having hot chocolate and bought me a cider when I arrived.  Her roommate, Lindsey, was quietly filling her belly with a bagel.  I showed them where my car was parked and we headed off to the local strip mall to shop before brunch.  I found some shoes and a house-warming present for some close friends.  They hadn’t found anything and weren’t very engaged (Clue #3) as I prompted them through the aisles and racks of clothes.

We used the GPS and, as if it was that easy, found The Holy Grail. It was a refurbished old church that sold Irish and Scottish food.  Lindsey headed to the bathroom upon our arrival (Clue #4) and we settled in reading the themed menu passages.

While we waited some time for Lindsey to return to the table (Clue #5), I slid in an order of Scottish eggs when the waitress brought our water.  I was excited to provide these college girls with an international dining experience.  Lindsey returned and I now awaited the classic Scottish fare.  When those hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage were put in front of Lindsey, she literally turned green (Clue #6).

I almost felt badly but thought it was hysterical.  I couldn’t eat them either.  So much for my Celtic upbringing!  The entrees arrived and among the food was Lindsey’s turkey club and fries.  I never saw anyone eat fries in such a slow and dainty manner (Clue #7).  Fries were meant to be devoured.  She broke them in pieces and then nibbled on each tip.  It was like she was trying to down a Q-tip.

After our comedic luncheon, I was excited again to hit the road.  We headed South to see my baby girl and her college campus.  It was somewhere along Route 101 that all the clues came together.  Evidently, Lindsey’s friend Ryan was at the same campus.  He was going to “be sure to make fun of her when he realized how hung over she was”.

Seriously?!   The charade was over.  “Little”, pun intended, did I know she was under the weather.

You’d think I was clueless.