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Support Literacy

We are on this blog forum to read, write, or both – some of us in multiple languages. As a volunteer for our local literacy group, I am promoting our annual giving campaign.

Funding is crucial for this group that trains ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) tutors and helps people pass the citizenship examination.

While the link above tells you about the donation levels, this link provides some personal insights about the tutoring experience – from lesson 1 to several months down the road. (Be kind, I was a rookie blogger with stories I wanted to share.)

Make tax time fun by reading and writing. Read about an organization that promotes increased literacy and empowers adults. Write a check to support the training courses and resource library.

Thank you for your consideration as you evaluate your charitable contributions at year-end.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays!



…provides the means to understanding.

Nobody should ever feel unwanted or unloved.

This is of paramount and crucial importance.

Inspired by:

Mother Teresa – 9/4/16

Drive Me Crazy

I learned about Electronics Drives when our girls were in High School. It was always a profitable fundraiser and typically reserved for the Senior class. Without a dumpster or dump sticker, I thought you had to wait for local recycling events to get rid of electronics.

Am I the only person in North America that didn’t know you could bring old computers and televisions to your local electronics superstore? It’s a free service and available every day of the week. They also give you a donation slip for your taxes.

Although the fundraisers were for a good cause, they weren’t necessary. This other option allows you to save money, get a tax deduction and recycle machinery any time the store is open. Today I learned our e-junk could have been out of the house sooner. That would have pleased baby girl.

I could have had more money in the bank…and fewer notes.

There’s a Part III ?!?!

Yes, there is. My last entry was meant to be a one part sequel. However, our summer downsizing project seems to be on the upswing. Baby girl helped Dad clean his bedroom closet!  The cleaning follow-up post-it notes  have been irritating but getting him to toss items makes her the queen of motivational cleaning!!

She knows exactly how to coerce and manage him. It was clear from the first note that she got his buy-in to approach the not-in-a-million-years project:

photo 1-20

I was still the one to lug them away and make the drop-off but I did it with a spring in my step and the spirit of Santa Claus.  I also have a documented audit trail so there can be no backlash!

The next note I reacted to with the same enthusiasm:

photo 2-22

I couldn’t take the trash out to the garage fast enough!

Of course I still inherited work from their labor…

photo 3-16

…but it’s nice to know they think I’m the entrepreneur of the family.

photo 5-3

It was also sweet to learn my daughter wants to wear an old camouflage sweater from Dad’s younger days.

What I had a problem with was when I saw they had questioned my decorating skills:

 photo 4-17

No, we are not getting rid of my two Currier prints in the antique frames with the original bubble glass.

No, we are not getting rid of my inspiring Soyer print.

No, we are not getting rid of great uncle Harrison’s heirloom.

I’ll bow to the queen for helping us clean a closet but I am not her court jester.

Momism II – an added perspective

In my “Momism” post, I talked about one of my spiritual Mom Aha! moments. I ended by stating that I’d “spend less time wondering, worrying and wishing. I will live in the moment for that drive back to campus.”

So, about the drive –

We packed up the car this past Sunday afternoon to return our young ladies to their campus homes. We decided to take our time and enjoy a nice family mid-afternoon dinner on our way back. I stopped wondering what restaurant they were going to pick along the way. They agreed on a nice little Mexican cantina up on the hill.

We parked the car and ran up the steps knowing there was chips and salsa and guacamole and iced tea in our future. We decided to also order the buffalo wings for an appetizer. I stopped worrying about finances and when the next tuition payment was due. We had the best family time and the nicest wait staff ever.

When left our fat tip and walked our fatter selves to the door. We decided it was getting late and to head back to the first campus. I stopped wishing we had more time together and decided to just absorb the final moments. We headed down the steps to our car and were shocked to find the windows smashed.

We’d been vandalized but I thought if whoever did it had just asked for help, we could’ve invited them to dinner.

That’s Gods Work, Not Mine


What do you do when a business woman you’re just starting to get to know offers you a toy box for your booth because she has a consignment shop but you sell books and toys and shes not trying to get rid of her junk but offering it to you because she knows thats what you love and you think i am a dealer now and starting to accumulate too much stuff but you thank her graciously and let her know that you can at least use it for storage if it doesn’t sell but thats not even what matters because she passed it on like an offering and a gift of the smallest proportion but those are the things that matter most in this world  so you do put it in your basement and add a few new books because you dont sell new you sell old and old reminds you of that mass you went to with your elderly father last week where they talked about packing and giving lunches to kids on fridays so they have food to eat on the weekend and you think to yourself how cool it would be to also give them a book because you recently learned that most poverty-stricken homes dont even have them and only 1 in 300 poor children even own a book and youve been dwelling on how sad that is for weeks now so you realize you need to call the church and ask them if you can piggy-back on their charity event and give them books but you hesitate that others wont think thats as good of an idea as you do so in a few days you add a few more books to the toy box but your donations seem so immaterial at this point and maybe its not a good idea if you cannot support its upstart on your own so you tell yourself that you cannot call the church with your idea until you have fifty books to donate yourself so that you are taken seriously and then you are helping your daughter with her own bookshelf when she gets home from college and she realizes she needs to purge some of her own books and you put them in a cardboard box and mark them ‘teen’ and you are happy she has been lucky to have read all these books and you realize that your brown bag book lunch idea has just expanded into providing not just children’s books but teens as well and so you put those next to the toy box that you now notice says ‘storybook kids’ on the side and tell yourself someday it may come together and in that same weekend you are cleaning your garage and you find a pile of newer golden books that you never sold so you walk them into the basement too and realize you’ve now filled half of the toy box so you count them.  And there’s fifty.  Theres exactly fifty.  So you go make a call.