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Mass Rehab

The Sunday sermon reminded me of three life lessons I have found to be important and true:

1) Challenges that are thrown our way are designed to see beyond ourselves. 

Difficult times help us to find strength and abilities we didn’t know we had.

2) Faith is meant to be lived.  

Actively believing and trusting produces patience and peace.

3) Love greatly.

We must be open to love and spread it like wild fire with everyone we meet. 

These important lessons make life easier. Push through the struggles, believe in a purpose and spread your gratitude. 

Life will be at its best.

 It’s true.


Cool – but should’ve been whipped



Once, when nobody was looking, I opened a Cool Whip container at the local grocer and stole a sweet taste.  That was the life of crime during my Wonder Years in the 70’s.  A young Catholic girl sent to the corner store for a new gallon of milk and I somehow convince myself that I need a clever, illegal sugar fix.  I often wonder what the buyer thought when they starting constructing their dessert and discovered my breach?  As a now adult, I don’t even consider buying artificial toppings. I may have been a pioneer to product tampering but I am a veteran to the sweet life of a criminally good dessert.