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One for the road

I’m in a place I said I’d never be when I started this blog…trying to get back to blogging more than once a month?! It’s not a loss for material, ideas or stupid-ass things in my life that I seem to want to share with the whole world. I find story outlines on the back of old grocery lists, quotes in my pocket and highlights of funny memories scrawled on pieces of paper in my purse. If I was single or an entrepreneur, I’d be that person whose relationship or product idea started on a bar napkin. Now’s the time to start resuscitating a few of them. I tried to breathe some life into this five-month-old thought that I had in my draft folder:

Day 14

Today’s commute starts with two observations:

⁃ My lunch needs to conserve space as much as the rest of my backpack items. I make a mental note to switch out the bread, soup and juice for tortilla wraps, a banana and tea bags.

⁃ My car window on the way to the train station has to be down on a hot summer day. I’ve not experienced a cool breeze and the wind in my hair since taking public transportation.

I board the train and pick up my book that’s burning a hole in my backpack. There’s no breeze in my side window but my eyes are focused on the written word, not the road.

(Drafted June 2016 – Published December 2016)