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Seven Sins

This baffled me…why would someone nominate me for an inspiring blogger award when I go to others blogs to be inspired? Thank you to wafflemethis for letting me know he found something inspiring in my toy box.

Admittedly, my blog has a mixed bag of topics.  My older sister teased me once stating MsToyWhisperer was a ‘Mom that never grew up whom relives her childhood at auctions and yard sales while listening to rock music on her way to church’. She’s absolutely right.  My gravatar also states that I like to write about daily life and the people I meet along the way. It just so happens that’s recently been Adam Lambert and Jesus Christ.  One  I met in my dreams and the Other I met in my soul.

Both inspire me in different ways.  My hobbies and family inspire me as well.  In responding to the nomination, below are seven fun facts, or shall we say ‘errors in judgement’, related to categories in my New England toy box blog:

– Cranberry Blogs – My Life in New England – I live about 60 miles from Plymouth Rock. I didn’t know that as a child. In third grade what I did know was that there was a large rock near our sandbox with the numbers 1620. When our class read about Plymouth Plantation, I explained to my teacher that the rock was in my backyard and my friends could come see it anytime.  

ThIs laughable tale is now the source of family folklore and sibling rivalry. I don’t mind though. I think it illustrates the innocence of childhood as well as my father’s native landscaping sense of humor.  I admired his cleverness and now have a large rock on my own Massachusetts property with a brightly painted 1620. 

Adam Artistry: I was so excited to see Adam Lambert for the first time on stage, I created some business cards.  They weren’t  for him though, they were for me! I thought I was his most loyal fan in the world. I knew he was going to be a star as soon as I saw his audition on American Idol. It was clear he had three things going for him before he even finished that season.  He had

amazing pipes to wow the judges

a sexy current style to capture the audience

and a genuine presence to maintain staying power. 

I wanted (still do) him to be as big as Elvis. I (at the time) anonymously announced that I was his biggest fan:


On the way to Boston, I gave them out on the train. I left one with our waiter’s tip before the concert and gave one to the woman that painted our nails black.  In the Gaaarden, it paid off when I handed them out in the ladies room!  (Yes, I did.)  That’s where we met the cousins of one of Adam’s backup singers. I was now “one-away” from Adam.  They were headed backstage – so close but yet so far!  I  also left a few on the escalator and near each Security guard.  If anyone wanted to know whose calling card it was, they now know it was me!

Auction Block – If the Price is Right Once the bidding starts at the auctions, you need to be quiet and pay attention.  First and foremost, it’s a courtesy to the other dealers.  They may be waiting for something to go on the block and you are a distraction – or there might be something you overlooked in preview – or in my rookie case, you might be bidding on more than you realize.

At one of my first few auctions, I remember talking to my sister when some of the bigger items, like furniture, were being presented.  I was gabbing and only listening with one ear  to catch the final bids.  The auctioneer presented a bottle in his hand and when nobody bid, he told the crowd what town and company was on it.  That was where my grandparents had worked ‘back in the day’ so I impulsively bid $5 to have it. 

My sister looked shocked. 

“What?  I’ve bid before.  I wanted it for a memory.”

“Yeah,” she laughed.  “I get that.  I just don’t think you realize that you just won five CASES of bottles.”

I hadn’t. 

She laughed louder. 

The joke ended up being on her as well though – she had to help me carry them to my car!

Let’s just say I didn’t want them all but I did turn my lemons into lemonade.

I learned more about bottles and ended up making quite a bit of money from them  – over the course of THREE years!

Yankee Neon – Yard sales are typically in the morning hours. By noon, dealers are often packing up and by 2:00 it would be unexpected to still find one “open”. I was doing errands in Leominster one early afternoon and was thrilled to find a driveway that was still populated with the family hanging out on the yaaaad.  

I walked past some other parked cars and as I approached kidded, “How much for the Ford pickup?”

“It’s not for sale.” said one humorless guy.

I walked towards the women at the picnic tables, “I’m glad you’re still set up. I didn’t get to any yard sales this morning.”


I got past the tires and hardware along the cellar and started to look in the crates at the end of the driveway.  “What time are you set up until?”

I heard two of the chicks loud whispers to each other…

…and suddenly realized it wasn’t a yard sale.

It was just an extended family with a lot of stuff in the yard that hadn’t made its way to the dump.

I was a little nervous as I worked my way back down the driveway.  I was suddenly afraid of the truck I’d offered to buy.

I think I said something like ‘Have a nice day.’ or ‘My bad.’

I was relieved to make it back to my car.

It was my most embarrassing yard sale moment….

…until the following week when my mother and I walked past some cars parked in the street and showed up at a tent with our quarters and sneakers.

Evidently, outdoor weddings are in the early morning hours too!

Leaving the nest all about the chicks: 

* do I mention the time I scared my 3-year-old when I told her there was ‘a vug under the rug’?


* admit to not knowing my daughter’s first self-designed competition was swallowing pennies?

Everything and Nothing – 

* I was bald ’til I was six – and three years later I was Pipi Longstocking for Halloween.

* I was still a thumbsucker at 10 and even sucked the Mercurochrome off my bandaged thumbs – and three years later I had an accident reading in my parents bedroom window when it crashed down and tore off my fingernails.

Gallery – my youngest thinks her Dad should have grown up selling ice cream out of the back of a 1950’s ice cream truck!


Thank you all for reading! I hope this entry inspires all of us to embrace our whole self.

P.S. Have waffles for breakfast.