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That’s Entertainment

It’s the last season of American Idol and like a lot of the original viewers, our girls are already over it.  As for myself, I like to at least watch the auditions each year.  It’s inspiring to see what people do for their craft – and humorous to see people realize they don’t have one.

This year, I watched beyond the auditions because two contestants caught my eye – Blake and Porsha.  (My Facebook account illustrates my early interest;  I put them in the Top 10 back in January.) I am also somewhat loyal to the show because they produced my heartthrob, Adam Lambert.  I have followed him since Season 8.

<…as illustrated in the the Adam Artistry section of my blog!>

Given my interest in the current contestants, the show and an alumnus, it wasn’t hard for my circle of family and friends to believe that I won tickets to the American Idol finale.  It was the perfect setup for an April Fool’s joke.  As mentioned in last years  Touche! entry, my foolish lie was believable because it was both convincing and harmless.

My oldest daughter was certain I was headed to Los Angeles – and with two tickets.  She fired off a selfless, as well as needy, text:

“Dad haaaas to go with you BUT if he doesn’t, I want to – I NEEEEEED to go to California!”

I loved that I caught her so off guard in the morning that she fell for it – hook, line and sinker!  I returned the text:

Dad better go…if  not, you and your sister will have to play rock, paper, scissors or something.  Oh but wait – aren’t we paying for you guys to be in college at that time?!”

Her charming, as well as bitter, concluding retort came to my iPhone immediately:

Go by yourself then!”

Her loyalty, and the need to spend time with her mother, was short-lived.  I got that loud and clear.  It didn’t make me sad though;  it made me hysterical with laughter.  She knows what I’ll do for my April Fool’s craft.  The problem is, like American Idol, she’s already over me and my joke.