Creases and Curves

We found a hand-written envelope amongst the bills and junk mail today. Checking the inked return address, I saw the note was from my sister’s house in Ohio. The writing was not my sister’s signature scrawl though. I thought perhaps the correspondence was from her husband or the kids. Maybe there was an upcoming shower for one of the daughters? Perhaps the family was throwing my sister a secret surprise party?

I didn’t know the related circumstance until I unfolded the creases to the letter. The correspondence was signed by my sister but without the traditional curves to her P’s or L’s. I looked at the third grade cursive and finally remembered what her mail represented.

The sister among us that has written stories and poems, drawn refrigerator cartoons and charcoal portraits, journaled and essayed her entire life, is now in a place where she wants to master traditional penmanship? The note card she sent to me was part of a recent quest to write a cursive letter each day, to practice the grade school scripted alphabet.

I refolded the creases of my sister’s letter and put it back in the envelope. Her words were short and sweet; the curves of her words just training, a personal goal. That part of my sister I did recognize.


Thanks to Putting My Feet In The Dirt for the March writing prompt!