Addressed as Monsignor because of his valuable contributions and governance to the church, he sighed, closed his eyes and leaned his body and heavy heart against the knowing white brick. He hoped the darkness was finally behind him. Looking the other way had gone on long enough but he’d done what he had to do.

Today was the dawning of a new day, in Boston and around The Globe. The Spotlight truth was not one of his papers that could just be filed away. In this moment, he knew he’d continue to suffer in his own hell, all the days of his life. Penance. He was as sinful as any of them.

His governance had contributed to the horrors of thousands. Outside these walls he had no value or values. Monsignor’s knees buckled as he slid down the wall in a rage of tears. There were still years before the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. A wet face in shaking hands, his old tortured soul left him for what he had not done.




Thursday’s photo prompt by Sue Vincent. Written hours after watching Spotlight, the 2016 academy award for Best Picture.

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