When the circus pulled into the local mall parking lot every summer of the 1970’s, I wished I could get a ticket to the side show.My sister admired the painted trucks adorned with the bearded fat lady, the snake charmer and the sword swallower. I stared in fascination wondering how they got started honing their craft? They each had a story to tell and were their own live picture books.

My parents would never let us go. Not that we were brave enough to ask. Mom probably thought it was bad enough driving past all the trailers on the way to the Piggly Wiggly.

I longed for the day we met the bearded fat lady in Sears finally buying her electric razor – or in Friendly’s getting ready for her big fat night. Why not, I wondered? They had lives too. The snake guy was clearly charming and the sword swallower had the guts to do just about anything.

I thought they must hang around the mall like anyone else. Maybe the normal people never let them in? In some weird way, I wanted to be like the circus freaks.


Thanks for the exploration challenge – week 23.

<Find the weird, write the story, support the weirdos, hack the normal.>

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  1. Interesting share. I personally have never seen a bearded lady up close or in person. A good childhood memory indeed. I wonder if it is impolite to stare at them should I ever see them in a mall. I can understand under the big top they are gawked at by paid ticket owners but in private lives…I wonder..

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