Alexa – Revenge

In response to my husband’s sense of humor, I started a new tradition in our house. The event occurs every time I find him and the other woman alone in the same room. Before I enter, I don’t tiptoe, clear my throat or announce myself. I just raise my voice to her accommodating ear:

Alexa: drumroll!

That’s when the real woman enters the room. I walk tall with my shoulders back and my strut oozes confidence. Then I wait for a reaction to my fun and spirited entrance.

The first time Richie stared until the snaring stopped. The second time, Richie just shook his head. The third time he rolled his eyes.

He met his match a long time ago. Take a little of that, Mr Alexa App. Although, I think he is getting tired of my antics. Now he’s talking about something called ‘voice recognition software’. My new tradition may be short-lived.

5 thoughts on “Alexa – Revenge”

  1. Your Alexa series is great.
    The other day, I was passing by my neighbor’s open window and could hear him repeat: “Google, *do something*”. I don’t remember exactly what he was asking Google to do, but, Google was totally ignoring him. From what I understand, humans don’t like being ignored. I wonder if he’s depressed now…

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