<I just found another unpublished draft that’s interesting in retrospect. It was dated November 2016.>

Someone told me once that the devil comes at night…

At 2 a.m. he arrived. My eyes were frozen open and my tingling body was on fire. My mind raced. I rethought the past and doubted my future. I even questioned my professional competence and overall value to society.  I couldn’t fall back asleep. I tossed. Turned. Sweat!

When the sun came up, there was also a dawning on me. I realized I have made an impact in my career and have always volunteered in a big, devoted way. My energies were renewed. It was a beautiful new day. Confidence and faith slowly came back.

I wondered if I would have removed my conflict sooner if I’d prayed, had more trust in God or at least read my devotional in the wee hours of the morning?

I would have. Here’s the entry:

“You have a glorious reputation because of those never-to-be-forgotten deeds.”

Nehemiah 9:10

I’m telling you once – I didn’t make this up. Don’t doubt it for a minute.


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