I am woman, hear me!

I opened my eyes at 5 a.m. long enough to take the dog outside and crawl back into bed. Using my iphone, I read a blog, wrote a daily prompt of my own and set my alarm for another hour. When I awoke, and finally decided to get up for the day, I literally said out loud, “this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad – and find a job!”

It was disdain for myself. I thought of what day it was and then grumbled a thought in my head, ‘It’s  June 30. Why are you still home? I certainly thought you’d have a job by now.”  I was dreading the day, and my fate, at the same time I was looking for structure and motivation.

I kept with my only two routines: I made the bed to finalize the night and then read my ‘God in every moment’ calendar to start the day. I couldn’t believe the timing and how the daily devotional responded to my silent thoughts:

“Lord, I am at home wherever you are. If you call me into the wilderness, I will embrace it because you’re there with me. Help me to not walk in fear or doubt, but in faith. Shine your light on the path you have for me to travel, for I know that all my days are in your hands. Forgive me when I grumble or have less than a grateful heart about where I am right now.”

It was my wake-up call. I may not have a new job yet but the Lord is working in mysterious ways.

Photo credit: Myself – of a tshirt from https://www.toadandco.com/about/OUR-STORES-FREEPORt.html