Now and at the end

Everything must be just right. Like Goldilocks would determine but at a meaner, faster pace.

While everything seems cuddly and perfect, there also has to be a submission to my ways. 

I decide.

I push, then pull at the soft outer covering.

A right cross is necessary. 

My opponent doesn’t respond.

I push away again but then needingly pull it back into my body.  We are, after all, very close.

I look down and feel it just wasn’t enough. I add two swift punches to its center.

We seem to understand each other now.

There is a yielding to my superior force. 

I lay next to my soft, cuddly, now beaten companion. The aggression is a needed part of our otherwise orderly life together. The beatings keep it that way.

I’ve made my impression…

and I do realize I enjoy it.

Goldilocks would be proud. A women, in the house, with the ability to fluff her pillow until it is just right.