Do you believe in magic?

I never imagined  I’d compare my spiritual beliefs to magic. The mere thought is probably considered heresy. In centuries past, I  may have  been burned for just the fleeting analogy?

After an overloaded day of an excessive amount of information, and still too much to do, I was discouraged. I didn’t know how I could possibly meet any more deadlines. When I opened the back door and finally walked into the security of our home, I wondered why I was down and how I could feel this low in just one day?

One day. 

This morning. 

That was it. I’d not said my morning devotional. I’d not asked God to be with me. He is of great comfort, guides my every step and I need to acknowledge my faith in Him on a daily basis.

I’d rushed out of the house that morning. I woke up late, fed the pets, grabbed an uninspired outfit and ran out the door to also leave behind the recyclables before catching my train. 

I’d not paused in front of my dresser to say a prayer, read a verse or even look at my “God in every moment” calendar. They all set a positive tone, provide comfort and give me something to hold onto all day  long.

Realizing that was what had gone wrong in my day, I raced to my bedroom like a home-grown addict needing my quick fix – nothing else mattered in that moment. 

I wanted to shake my calendar like an 8-ball and see what guidance I’d missed. My day had been too much for me and I wanted answers!

When the dust from the day settled, like the dark purple fluid clearing away in the bottom of a black magic 8-ball, I could finally see the message to the negative thoughts in my head: 

Joshua 10:25 – “Joshua said to them, do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous. This is what the Lord will do to all the enemies you are going to fight.” 

I stopped struggling with my mind and instead consciously reached out to hold God’s hand again. 

I had an instant and renewed calm yet still wondered if I was a being a bit dramatic? Was I a magician creating an illusion for myself? Had I put my faith in these devotional words or God himself? 

He speaks to my  doubts too though.  I just have to listen to the Holy Spirit. I fed the pets, grabbed a snack for myself and sat to read my personal email. The first message in my mailbox was my daily “verse of the day”. 

Psalm 34:8 was waiting for me:  “Taste and see the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”

He has unrelenting mercy, grace and love. 

He works in mysterious ways. 

Call it what you will, I believe.


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  1. One of my core beliefs is, nothing we can do in life makes us worthy of God’s Love. Yet He gives it to us freely and unconditionally. All we nee to do is believe in Him.

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