Father Time

I don’t profess to know the Bible. It’s history, stories and teachings are way too vast for my humble beginnings of trust in the Lord. The Book does affirm my faith every time I see a verse that resonates with me, provides inspiration or humbles me though. 

My Pastor once told me that God also has a sense of humor and I must listen for those moments too.I don’t openly claim to have understood his counsel at the time either. 

Now that I’m 50, I do want to share what I learn, and help spread the Word, in any way I can though. I am prompted to do so every time my thoughts align with my “God in every moment” calendar or when the results of my day are affirmed and strengthened in God’s word. This morning Psalm 71:14 was on my calendar:

 “…I will always hope and praise you ever more and more.” 

The timing of my thoughts and being mindful of the words prompted me to reach for my Bible  to read and try to understand the whole Chapter. 

This is what was waiting for me:

Humble prayer in time of old age.”

I would say there’s humor in that teaching. Now it is a story within my own history of the Bible.


2 thoughts on “Father Time”

  1. We recently started going back to church. Unfortunately we stopped after kids which really isn’t an excuse, but we are going now. The pastor has been preaching about putting God first, so I have started reading the bible every morning. I have to wake up early every morning which was hard at first, but now I am finding it easier and easier. Every time, I find some small snippet that speaks to me. Love my morning reading time šŸ˜Š

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    1. Thanks for sharing, April. I just restarting going to mass again a few years ago. I need it now and I can’t leave the house without saying a prayer. I’ve learned a lot in my time back. Thanks for reading. I hope it earned a smile as well.

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